10 Easy Ways To Cut Calories (while still enjoying your favourite foods)

To put it simply, healthy weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume over time by eating less and working out.  But we all know “eating less” isn’t always easy.  Today I’m going to help you with 10 easy ways to cut calories while still enjoying all your favourite foods.

1) Ditch the feedbag
Instead of dipping your hand into the bag or box until you hit bottom, fill a small bowl with a portion and eat from the bowl.  If nothing else you’ll burn a few calories getting up and down re-filling the bowl 🙂

2) Drink the water
Many people confuse thirst with hunger.  Next time a craving hits you, try drinking a big glass of water and wait 5 minutes.  Many times you’ll find you weren’t really hungry (or you’ll burn calories running to the bathroom every 5 minutes).

3) Out of sight, out of mouth
The next best thing to not having unhealthy foods in your house is to keep it out of sight.  That bag of cookies sitting on the counter is more likely to tempt you than if they’re at the back of your pantry (or at your neighbour’s house).

4) Avoid eating in your car
Most foods you eat in your car are of the “convenient” variety which usually means high-calorie, low nutrition like fast food, snack food, etc.  If you must eat in your car, pack some healthy snacks, like almonds, veggies or a Daryl’s bar. (Plus you won’t the invoke the “If no one sees me eating this, the calories don’t count rule”).

5) Listen to your stomach
How many times have you wandered into your kitchen looking for food even though you KNOW you’re not really hungry?  For many of us, it’s just a bad habit.  Use the “10 minute rule”.  When you feel like snacking, tell yourself you’ll wait 10 minutes and if you’re still hungry then you’ll snack.  Even if it only works 50% of the time you’ll still cut your snacking in half!

6) Use smaller plates
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “my eyes were bigger than my stomach”.  Studies have shown that if you eat the same portions from a smaller plate you’ll actually feel fuller.  Weird, but true.

7) Minimize distractions while snacking
I find most people can control themselves at the dinner table because they focus on what they’re eating.  But when the computer or TV gets the focus it’s very easy to overdo it.  Either avoid this completely or see #1 above.

8) Junior-size your meals at fast food restaurants
If you’ve ever watched the movie “Super-Size” me you’d know that in the 1950’s a McDonald’s adult meal was what is now a regular hamburger (no Big Macs back then), regular fries and a small drink. Sometimes eating fast food is unavoidable, but if you order the junior meal at least you’ll minimize the damage.

9) Lose the soda – even diet soda
You can drink WAY more calories than you can eat, especially since most people drink soda all day, every day.  Yes, even diet soda because stimulates your appetite so you end up eating more food.  Water or green tea will actually suppress your appetite and are good for you too.

10) Eat before you go
Most times when you go out to dinner or a party the meal isn’t served until well after your usual dinner time.  This means you’re more likely to get crazy-hungry making it hard to control yourself.   By eating a small healthy snack before you go, you’ll take the edge off your hunger and save yourself hundreds of calories… and a ton of guilt.

There you have it, you can use one or all of these ideas to knock you off a plateau or keep the weight you’ve lost from creeping back up.  Leave me a comment and let me know if any of these worked for you.