10 Reasons Why You Eat When You’re Not Hungry (Part 2).

…And what you can do about it.

Last time I gave you the first 5 reasons you may eat even when you’re not hungry.  If you missed Part 1 of this post you can see it here.

Today I’m giving you the other five.  If you can use a couple of these ideas to cut 100 – 300 calories from your eating each day it adds up and you don’t even miss it.  It can be the difference between okay results and WOW results.

6. Because You’re Tired
The dreaded afternoon energy lull can drive even the most disciplined of us to food—especially sugary treats.  But that sugar rush is usually followed by an even worse energy crash.  Instead, take a walk around the office, head outside for some rejuvenating natural light, drink some green tea or a tall glass of cold water.

7. Because the Clock Says So
Do you pull out your lunchbox when the clock strikes noon, just because it’s time for lunch?  Or head to the kitchen at 6 p.m. just because that’s your typical dinnertime?  Don’t just eat when the clock tells you to!  When mealtime hits, use it as a cue to check in with your current hunger level.  Are you actually hungry?  If so, whip up that healthy meal.  If not, wait until your body tells you to eat, and ignore the clock.

8. Because It’s Free (Or Cheap)
“All You Can Eat” doesn’t mean “Eat All You Can”, but most people take it that way.  Everyone loves to get a good deal. But don’t eat up just because something is free (think free samples at the grocery store) or super cheap (buy-one-get-one-free sodas or all-you-can-eat buffets).  Always check in with your body’s hunger level before you automatically fill your plate with a freebie.

9. Because You Can’t Say No to Food Pushers
If you’re a people pleaser, it can be hard to say no, especially when friends or family offer you delectable food.  And sometimes people who push food won’t take no for an answer.  Be ready with excuses like “I’m not hungry”, or “I’m trying to eat healthier.”   If you do end up with a piece of cake (or a whole cake) to take home despite your protests, remember that you’re in control.  You can always share the cake with neighbors or co-workers, or simply eat just a small portion.

10.  Because You Suffer from Clean Plate Syndrome
Do you still feel obligated to clean your plate, even when you’re not hungry enough to comfortably finish it —especially at a restaurant?   Most of us have grew up hearing “There are starving kids in India or Africa” to get us to clean our plates as kids and not waste food.  Fortunately, most of us have refrigerators and microwaves that make stowing away almost any meal for another time easy.  See?  No waste and you’ve got a small, healthy meal ready and waiting for you at any time.

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