10 Simple Ways To Cut Calories Effortlessly

Calorie Creep happens when you’re not doing anything different but the weight creeps on pound by pound.  Or you think you’re doing everything right, but the pounds just aren’t coming off.  Many times these things can be caused by “calorie creep” where extra calories are sneaking their way into your eating every day.

Today I’m going to give you 10 easy ways to reverse Calorie Creep.  Use these simple tips and you’ll reduce your daily calorie intake without even hardly noticing it… speeding your way to faster fat loss.

1)  Don’t Eat From A Bag

Study after study has shown that people almost always eat more when they eat directly from the bag and it doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or junk food.  Instead, take out a portion and place it in a smaller container.

2) Eat Before You Go

It’s coming up on party season.  Yes, you can still enjoy yourself but to minimize the damage eat a healthy snack before you leave for the party.  This will stabilize your blood sugar and reduce the amount of unhealthy food you end up eating.

3)  Start With Soup

A warm broth-based soup will fill up your tummy so you feel full sooner.  Then when the high calorie foods come out you’ll be less likely to splurge.   Canned soups will work, but home-made is better.

4) Drink Your Water

Your body runs on water.  Not only will you feel fuller after anything you eat – it’s the ONLY freebie!  Zero calories, zero chemicals 100% all-natural.  Green tea works too.

5)  Eat Until You’re Not Hungry – NOT Stuffed

Because restaurants want to keep you coming back they make sure you get PLENTY of food.  Unfortunately because we dine out so often we start to eat the same portions when we eat at home. This can add anywhere from 30 – 50% more calories to ALL your daily meals.   You should feel satisfied when you’re done eating not stuffed.

6)  Keep Food Out Of Sight

Remember years ago when the did that experiment in the theatres where they flashed popcorn or a soft drink on the screen so fast you couldn’t see it, but your subconscious did and it caused sales to increase?  The same thing happens at home.  If you leave food in sight, even if you don’t focus on it, your eyes still see it and flash it to your subconscious mind which may be causing your cravings.  Don’t chance it, keep all food out of sight.

7)  Use Smaller Plates

This is the same idea as not eating from the bag.  If your plate is larger you tend to fill it with food and then we’ve all been taught to “clean our plate”.   By simply using smaller plates you can avoid this calorie creep pitfall.

8)  Lose The Soda – Even Diet Soda

It’s easy to consume 300 – 500 calories a day in soda – that’s about a pound a week – every week!  And diet soda isn’t going to save you.  Not only are you consuming unhealthy chemicals, many people end up eating more sweets (and calories) throughout the day because they think they’re being “good” by drinking the diet soda.

9)  Slow Down

It takes time for your body to tell you when you’re stomach’s full.  If you’ve ever gotten that “bloated” feeling 15-20 minutes after eating a big meal it’s probably because you ate too much too fast and your body couldn’t send the “Stop I’m full.” signals fast enough.  Slow down, even a little and you’ll easily cut hundreds of extra calories from your eating.

10)  Avoid Eating “On-The-Go”

Think about it.  How many places can you drive thru and pick up something healthy?  Not many, if any.  I understand there are times you simply can’t avoid it, but with a little planning you can minimize the trip you make through the drive-thru and easily save yourself from hundreds of extra calories each day.  Keep an apple and a few low-fat cheese sticks handy or some raw almonds to get you by.

Print this list and start using these tips today to stop your “Calorie Creep” dead in its tracks!


  1. Great article and great tips that anyone can implement at any time! Especially Tip #9, slow down. Food is no longer for survival, it full of flavors, try and taste all of them.

  2. Yes, you’re absolutely right! Thanks for the feedback.