3 “Healthy” Food You Must Stop Eating if you want to be Lean and Healthy

I recently read an article that said the modern Western diet is made up of 67% of these 3 seemingly “healthy” foods:  corn, wheat and soy (and their processed forms).

Now, I’m NOT saying these foods aren’t healthy, they are, just NOT in the form 90% of us eat them.
For example:
All Bran = good.  White Bread = bad.
Tofu = good.  Refined Soybean oils in foods like crackers =  bad.
Corn on the cob = good.  High fructose corn syrup = bad.

Think about how many things you eat each day that contain the “bad” version of these foods.  On top of the items I already mentioned how about any of these:  soda, cereals, oatmeal, marinades, salad dressing, condiments, pasta, pasta sauce, cakes, breaded chicken, sandwich wraps (to name  a few).
Plus many foods that you would NEVER think contain these ingredients do.  Go to your pantry and check the ingredient lists for soy lecithin, wheat starch or maltodextrin.  These manufactured chemicals are CHEAP so many food companies use them as fillers to add bulk to their product while keeping the cost down.

…and it gets worse…

If you’re thinking  you can go 100% Atkins, eating mainly protein and veggies to avoid this problem, think again.   Animals raised in factory farms are fed mostly corn and soy… again, because these foods are very cheap.
What do you think happens to an animal that was designed to forage and eat a variety of plants?  Remember, you are what you eat.  These cows, chickens and pigs aren’t getting the same foods as at the turn of the century when they grazed the pastures.  They’re being fed cheap, processed, calorie-dense food and being kept caged (so they don’t burn calories) and get as fat as possible as cheaply as possible.

This means corn, wheat and soy will still find its way into your daily diet even if you stick mainly to protein.  The end result is we’re eating 2/3 of our calories from 3 main foods.  This causes a variety of problems, not the least of which is a harder time losing weight, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, gluten intolerance and a lack of other essential nutrients that these foods used to contain before they were processed.

What Can You Do?

1.  Minimize your purchase (and consumption) of processed foods (even the ones you think are healthy, like most cereals).
2.  Look for sauces, salad dressing, marinades and condiments for High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) or make your own.
3.  Look for free range, organic protein sources and Non-GMO soy products.

I could go on and on, but I don’t want write a book.  I think you get my main point.

Does this mean you have to eat “perfect”?  Of course not.  But if you’re having a hard time losing your belly fat and you’re having energy swings throughout the day, you may want to re-read this article and put the information to use.

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  1. Reading this makes me feel hopeless—you gave a few suggestions but it seems like everything is bad for us!

    • It’s not hopeless, it’s about educating yourself. The big food companies are spending millions to fool you by making their junk “appear” healthy using pretty packaging and advertising.

      This means you have to get smarter if you want to be lean and healthy. You can’t believe everything the food companies tell you. For example, I once had a client ask me what the difference was between instant oats and regular oatmeal. Aren’t they both just oats? I said “Yes, they’re both oats. But one cooks in 2 minutes in the microwave and one cooks in 20 minutes on the stove. How can they be the same thing?” They can’t.

      The instant oats are processed taking away a lot of what makes them healthy. Plus, when you buy the oatmeal “packs” they already include brown sugar (and other artificial flavours). Convenient, but not healthy, regardless of the pretty pictures on the package.

      The good news is once you’ve taken the time to educate yourself you can use your knowledge for a lifetime.

  2. Heather Thorne says

    Hi Rob

    I have cut out most processed foods and along with cutting down portions and snacking has helped me lose 40 pounds and have kept it off for almost two years. I was shocked to see how diet alone with minimal excercise has worked for me. I have been pumping up the excercise lately to get stronger and feel half my age!! It’s amazing how I can take off all tgat weight and feel 21 again!!

    Heather Thorne

    Thanks for the nutrition info it is very interesting !!