4 Simple Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body

By now you’ve heard of “detox” as it applies to “cleansing” your body internally. When done correctly, this isn’t a fad or gimmick.   Every day your body is bombarded with airborne pollutants, and toxins generated from synthetic chemicals in carpeting, drapes, household cleaners and most of the standard food supply.  You really should practice natural detox techniques for your body every single day. Detoxing takes stress off your liver, which must deal with the incoming environmental toxins.

1. Drink Lots of water. Your body runs on water. Want proof?  In the desert you’ll last weeks without food, but only days without water.  Ideally, you want the water to come from a high quality filtration system. Don’t trust claims that bottled water is pure and free of chemicals. That pricey bottled water at the supermarket most likely came from the same municipal city source that your tap water comes from.  Do a little research first.

The best water comes through a filtration system hooked to your kitchen sink. This eliminates drinking water that’s been stored in a plastic bottle—toxins from the plastics can leach their way into the water. Aim for 4-5 litres a day – more in the summer or if you’re active.

2. Eat organic whenever you can. Organically farmed produce has considerably less pesticide residue than do regular crops. Think about it, you wouldn’t eat an apple that was sprayed with Raid would you? Yet this is basically what you do when biting into a conventionally-grown apple.

Unfortunately rinsing won’t help much because they spray regular crops from the time they’re seedlings, which means that plant’s been exposed to poisons its whole life. Over time, these poisons accumulate in your body as you continue to eat these foods.

3. Reduce processed foods. Even better eliminate processed foods, at least those containing high fructose corn syrup, hidden sugars, hydrogenated vegetable oil and trans fats. I understand completely eliminating these products in today’s society is extremely difficult, but at least make a real effort to do so.

The additives in processed foods mess up your immune system and cause body-wide inflammation.  This sets the stage for cancer, heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes and digestive ailments—plus a long list of other ills such as insomnia, fatigue and headaches.

This includes avoiding soy.  Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t eat soy, so I’m good.”  Guess what?  Soy is cheap food “filler” so it’s used everywhere!  You’ll find it in all kinds of foods that you’d least expect to find it.  Even in some brands of fish oil and acidophilus supplements.

Soy in this processed form has been altered and is NOT the same as the pure, clean soy (e.g., miso, tempeh) that people in Asia are eating.

4. Exercise. Working out is the great natural detoxifier because it stimulates metabolism and immune function.  A strong, healthy body is much more efficient at dealing with environmental insults (e.g., toxins from food and other sources) than is a weak, untrained body.

All systems in the body are improved by exercise, including the digestive, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic and immune, especially intense workouts. Plus, as an added bonus sweat remove toxins from your body.

Follow these four tips for detoxifying your body and you’ll make a big difference in how you feel, sleep, burn fat and function.

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