4 Ways NOT to Lose Weight That Most People Try (Do You?)

Today I’m going to talk about 4 common mistakes that people make whenever they start a weight loss program.  Now, these aren’t the only ones, but they’re the ones I see people who fail repeat time and time again.  I’m not just going to tell you what they are, I’m going to tell you why they don’t work and how you can avoid them.

1)  Doing Too Much, Too Fast.  You’ve made the decision to lose weight.  So on Monday you join the gym, sign up for 3 group classes a day and start a low-carb diet.  By Wednesday you can’t move and by Friday you’re at the “all you can eat pasta” bar.  While a few people can be successful with a “life makeover”, by far most won’t.   Start slow and build up.  For example if you’re a couch potato start with walking every day, then add in some weight training, then make it more intense.  To be successful you must build healthy habits, one at a time.

2)  Switch to Diet Pop.  The danger in this is that it sounds logical.  A can of pop has about 150 calories, if I drink 3 pops a day that’s 450 calories I’ll save by switching to diet.  Right?  Not quite.  When you drink diet pop you’re still stimulating your digestive system, but you’re not giving it any nutrients (in fact you’re taking chemicals that your liver has to deal with, but more on that some other time).  So the hunger monster grows and you “feed” it another diet pop which just angers it more and more until it comes flying out of your stomach like in the movie “Alien” devouring everything in sight.  Switching to water, even low-cal flavoured water or green tea naturally suppresses your appetite and helps flush toxins (and fat) from your body.

3) Keeping “Trigger” Foods in the House…  for the kids.  Yeah right.  Read this carefully:  If it’s in your house you WILL eat it…  you’ll always find a reason.  “I’ve had a hard day, I deserve this.” or “I did my workout today, I earned this.”    Get the junk food OUT of your house.  Donate it, throw it out, burn it – whatever – but get rid of it (and not in your tummy).   Besides, what’s wrong with your kids learning to enjoy healthy snacks too?

4)  The Fad Diet.   “I’m using this as a jump-start, then I’ll go from there.”  is what I usually hear.  By now everyone knows permanent weight loss and fitness means living a healthy lifestyle.  Changing unhealthy habits to healthy habits (but not too fast, see #1 above) is the only way you’ll succeed long-term.  With that said, it makes no sense to start your “healthy lifestyle” journey with an unhealthy fad diet.  What you’re really doing is feeding the “quick fix” mindset which keeps you fat for life.

If any of these sound like you (I did them for years) and want some help give me a call at (519) 979-3238 and I can help you with some more ideas for getting past these hurdles and finally losing the weight – forever!