5 Best Fitness Articles of the Week June 14, 2014

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There are new things coming out every day in health and fitness.  I have selected the most valuable things I have read and watched.

I scour the interwebs as best I can, but if you see a good article please send it to me so I can share it with our IronCore Family.


Video: 7 “Healthy” Foods – That Really Aren’t   – 100 Days of Real Food

If you have any of these in your house, get rid of them – Pronto!   (Thank you Holly Janisse.)


Intensity:  What it really means… –  Anthony Dexmier

I really like the part about how much you sweat or feeling trashed at the end of a workout is NOT a good indicator of intensity.  I’ll be writing more about this in the near future (One of my pet peeves).


Exercise is Crucial for Women’s Heart Health After 30, Study Finds – Medline Plus

Heart disease is still the #1 killer of both women and men in Canada.  Sure you can starve yourself thin, but like I always say “You can’t diet yourself fit.”    The conclusion:  You must exercise every day, like brushing your teeth.


This is How to Eat – Sean Hyson, Fitness Distilled

I like the practical advice in this article.  I also like his take on the “sacred cows” of how you MUST eat breakfast and you MUST have a protein shake after your workout.


Food Selection Matters – Strength Sensei

Low carb?  Okay let’s have some ribs and pork rinds.   No fat?  Okay let’s have some licorice and Kool aid.  WHAT you eat is even more important than how MUCH you eat.  You can be thin but still be unhealthy if you eat garbage.


Rob FinalRob Santarossa was a “severely obese” accountant who after failing at weight loss for almost 30 years created Power-Cardio 30 and lost over 70 pounds without dieting.   He became a best-selling author and was named America’s Premier Expert in 2013.   Rob founded IronCore Kettlebell Club and has dedicated himself to helping people change their body while living their best life.