5 More Signs You Need To Lose Weight (More Humorous)

Last week I did a blog post on 5 Signs You Need To Lose Weight.   One of my awesome clients, Melissa, sent me five very funny signs (I thought) of her own.

Here they are…  enjoy:

1)  You look in the mirror and realize black is not as slimming as you thought.

2)  Your lingerie has migrated from cute panties and thongs to anything that has “control top”, “lycra” or “spanx” in the title.

3)  Tying your shoes is no longer as simple as bending over to reach the laces.

4)  Your closet is full, yet there are only 2 pairs of pants you can actually fit into.

5)  Your daughter squeals with delight that she can use your skirt for the school play and the pride you feel at helping her out is immediately deflated when she says “This will fit perfectly over my fat suit!”  (This actually happened to her!).

Thank you Melissa for making us smile.

Please leave a comment and let Melissa know if you enjoyed them and which ones you identify with.