5 Signs You Need To Lose Weight (Humorous)

Today I’m giving you simple checklist of 5 signs you need to lose weight.  They’re supposed to be funny, but I’ve been able to relate to all 5 of them at one time or another.   Let’s see how YOU do…

1)   Shirts with a single “X” on the label aren’t comfortable any more. (Well at least you get to buy new clothes.)

2)   A wrestling match with your kids has you gassed out in less time than a Pepsi commercial. (Even faster when you “wrestle” with your spouse.)

3)   Your belly makes you push your driver’s seat so far back that your 3 year-old is complaining about leg room. (And you still have no room for your M&Ms.)

4)   The ONLY way you can button your favourite jeans is to lie on your bed and suck in hard!  (Plus you make weird noises that scare your kids.)

5)  You’re very good at steering with your knees because you used to holding a Big Mac in one hand and a large fries in the other.  (At least I’m not an a cell phone, right?)

Let me know if you like these (or can identify with any of them).

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