5 Steps To Get Back On Track

You’re unmotivated, unmoving and uninterested.  But you want more.  More from yourself and more from life.  In today’s short post I’m going to give you five simple steps to get you  off your butt and back in the game.

1) Find your “why”.  If you have a really good reason you can accomplish almost anything.  For it to be effective it MUST be emotional.  For example, “I want to lose weight.” is not very inspiring.   “I want to fit into my sexy jeans so my husband will drool.” is much better.

2) Figure out exactly what you need to do.  Vague sayings, like “Do some cardio.”  or “Go to the gym.”  don’t mean anything.  They’re too vague, too general.  Be specific:  “I’ll make it to Punch Gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and go for walks on Tuesday and Thursday.”

3) Create a simple plan.  If you say to yourself, “Let’s see how the day goes and I’ll just fit it in.”  you’re doomed.  It will NOT happen.  Using my example about making it to Punch on M-W-F.   Decide on a time that make works for you and work it into your schedule.  The cool thing is when you have a plan, set your alarm, say for 6:15am you’ll find it actually motivates you to get going.  No plan = no motivation = no results.

4) Tell a friend who you respect and that won’t let you off the hook.  Friends who are “into” fitness are perfect for this because they understand how important it is.  Friends who aren’t feel guilty about not doing it with you and (secretly) want you to fail so they can feel better about themselves.

5)  Define a reward.  But make it a process reward, not an achievement reward.  For example, “If I make all my workouts this week, I’ll treat myself to a pedicure.”   When you create good habits the rewards usually follow on their own.

I’ve just given you five ways to get back on track, but you may need only one.  Start with the one you think will work the best.  If it doesn’t work, then try another or stack a few of them up.  Like setting the alarm and sharing a ride to the gym in the AM with a friend.