5 Tips To Curb Your Carb Cravings

Food is not just a biological need, in many cultures there’s an emotional element attached to it.  Something about our emotional state, especially a negative one causes us to crave “comfort food”.

By dealing with the issues behind the cravings you can get relief from the emotions that cause you to overeat or to indulge yourself in food you know is unhealthy.

Most experts agree that simply by eating wholesome foods at mealtimes and mixing in a few healthy snacks during the day most people can reduce or even eliminate their cravings.

Here are 5 tips to help you curb your biological and emotional cravings:

1)  Don’t eat less protein to “leave room” for those bad carbs.  I see many people on calorie-restricted diet plans forgo healthy protein to save the calories so they can eat their favourite sweets.  The problem is you’re only feeding your carb craving making it stronger so you’ll need even more willpower to beat it later on.

2)  Eat small meals more frequently to control your blood sugar.  If that doesn’t fit your lifestyle then make sure what you do eat is healthy, unprocessed foods.  When you dump processed (convenient) food into your empty stomach it’s immediately absorbed and causes your blood sugar to spike.

3)  Try to plan your day so that you don’t go shopping when you’re really hungry.  This will cause you to make poor food choices as you’ll be looking for anything you can eat quickly.

4)  Get enough sleep.  Just being well-rested can greatly reduce your carb cravings.

5) Limit alcohol, fruit juice and caffeine.  I know, this is the least favourite and least followed piece of advice.  But if you’re really struggling with cravings this one tip alone could save you years of failure.

If you’re a “craver” and I know many of you are, start with just one of my tips, get some success and try the next one.

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