5 Top Fitness Articles of the Week – September 6, 2014

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Each week I scour the interwebs as best I can, but if you see a good article please send it to me so I can share it with our IronCore Family.


Think Your “Skinny Latte” is Skinny?  Think Again – Elite Daily

Great info-graphic shows you why you might not be dropping the weight you should be.    The last image shows you what you should be drinking at Starbucks or Timmies.  (Special thanks to Holly Janisse).


7 Simple Ways To Get More Greens In Your Diet – Breaking Muscle

Not getting enough veggies?  Here are a few simple tricks to sneak them in without even realizing it.


My Fitness Band is Making Me Fat   – Today Health

It’s not that there’s a problem with the band.  When you stop focusing on what you KNOW you have to do and start letting some electronic device tell you what do you’re setting yourself up for failure.


The Beauty of Lifting Heavy Weights –  Women’s Health

“Lifting weights is excellent for improving bone density, joint mobility and body composition, and relieving anxiety and depression,” says Alexander Koch, PhD, associate professor of exercise science at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, N.C. ”    If you’d like any of those benefits- you’d better start lifting something that weighs more than your purse.


11 Most Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told – Authority Nutrition

I’ve found lie #1 and #5 particularly destructive and so many people struggle with lie #6 for no good reason.


Rob FinalRob Santarossa was a “severely obese” accountant who after failing at fat loss for almost 30 years created Power-Cardio 30, an amazingly effective (and fun) 30 minute workout system, and lost over 70 pounds without dieting.   He became a best-selling author and was named one of America’s Premier Experts.   Rob founded IronCore Kettlebell Club and has dedicated himself to helping people change their body while living their best life.