7 Action Steps You Can Do To Change Your Life TODAY

7 Action Steps You Can Do to Change your Life TODAY

If you’re not satisfied with your life, there are things you can do—today—that will get the ball instantly rolling towards more satisfaction in your life.


1.  Count your blessings.   Certainly you’ve heard this, but it really doesn’t work unless you take the time to literally write out all the good things in your life. It helps to think of someone you know who’s less fortunate, to put things in perspective, if you’ve been feeling down and out lately.

For instance, do you nit-pick at your spouse over little things?  Imagine being in the shoes of a friend who’s recently gone through an ugly divorce or who’s spouse had a life-threatening illness.


2.  Avoid negative people.   This isn’t possible at the workplace, but look at circumstances in which it is possible. Avoid people who leave you feeling depressed after being with them.  Just like there are foods that are bad for the heart, there are people who are bad for the soul.


3.  Exercise consistently.   Don’t assume you have automatic built-in exercise just because you’re busy around the house or on your feet all day at the job.   Regardless of how much housework you do or how much your feet ache after work (this is because of bad shoes, not lots of exercise), absolutely set time aside for structured exercise.  For the days you can’t make it to the gym fifteen minutes is all you need – let me show you how.


4.  Stop comparing yourself to others.   This especially applies when you’re at the gym. You have no idea what the personal life is like of someone who looks perfect.  For all you know, they can be crying inside while wearing a fake smile to look happy.  Focus on yourself and what you can do to be your best.


5.  Focus on feeling good, not the scale.   Don’t wait until you hit your perfect weight to celebrate.  Focus on doing the right things and celebrate your “wins” every day (making your workouts, eating right).  Feel good about what you’re doing with your body – looking good will come on its own, whether you like it or not!


6.  Eliminate time wasting activities.   If tasks keep piling up because you’re short on time, see what activities you can do without, or at least cut in half.   Do you find yourself blowing 20 minutes reading about Kim Kardashian’s latest publicity stunt?

Do you really need to know this information?   Eliminate things like this and see if you don’t soon realize how much you never needed these kinds of activities.


7.  Be a big dreamer.  Check the fruit of the tree of the people you take advice from.   Did you know that Barbra Streisand’s mother once told her she had no singing talent?   Did you know that everyone laughed at Henry Ford’s assembly line idea?   That most of Walt Disney’s successful endeavors were given a thumbs-down by his board of directors?

Yet who makes the history books—the critics or the dreamers?   Be a big dreamer and don’t let anybody steal your dreams.


In addition to these action steps, there are so many more actions that you can take to create a better life.  Call us today at (519) 979-3238 to find out more!