A Heartfelt Message from a Truly Amazing Person…

In honour of Father’s Day here’s a message I received from a truly amazing person.  Until today I had no idea this had gone on in their life.

Due to the emotional nature of the message I was sworn to secrecy on the identity of the writer.

It’s another reason for why I LOVE doing what I do.

Please share with anyone you know who is in a dark place.

Thanks, Rob.


My journey with Punch Gym (IronCore) began with a groupon back in 2011.  I was looking for something that would help not only lose weight but tone my muscles and stay fit. (The student prices were also perfect & fit into my student budget!)  When I started at the gym I was a student working two jobs and was in a very challenging program of study.

I had also lost my father a few months prior and had put on quite a few pounds from all the stress from school and grieving.  As I was supporting my grieving family, working two jobs to pay for school and also going to school, it was very challenging for me to find time to workout and stay active.  Punch/IronCore fit perfect with my busy schedule and the workouts were short, unique and amazingly challenging every day.

I immediately started noticing results in my body and also my energy levels ( and I never changed my bad eating habits!).

Punch Gym became therapy to me, it was a great stress reliever and the staff was always very positive and supportive.   The staff pushed me to do better and work harder each workout.

I have been faced with many life challenges while I was in school and it is thanks to Punch that I was able to manage and relieve all of my stress. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I am going into the gym, I always walk out feeling great!

Today, (three summers later) I am still a very dedicated member of the gym. The workouts are therapy to me and are now part of my daily routine. No matter how busy my schedule is or having a horrible day; I am always able to fit at least one workout into my day and walk out feeling wonderful & full of positive energy!

I almost forgot to mention that I am now not only mentally strong, I am now physically strong! 🙂

Thank you Rob and all the trainers at IronCore (Punch) for being great motivators and for being part of who I am today!