Alarming Rate of PRE-schoolers Becoming Obese.

I had to re-read the first sentence three times because I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading.

And each time I read it I got even more angry (just ask my wife).

Here’s that sentence:

“Doctors who specialize in obesity are seeing a “disturbing” number of overweight and obese preschoolers, some of whom are so heavy they have difficulty moving.”

Read that again:

Pre-schoolers who are so heavy they have difficulty moving!!!


Later it goes on to say:

“Some obese preschoolers are developing sleep-disordered breathing and sleep apnea – where the child stops breathing frequently during their sleep – because of excess fat tissue pressing on their airways.”


Are you freakin’ kidding me?

If these same parents starved their kids to the point they “had difficulty moving or breathing”  the police and children’s aid would step in and save the kids and charge the parents with a crime.

But not these kids.  No, instead we have researchers looking for “treatments”.

(You can read the entire article here.)


Why are these preschoolers so obese they can’t move or breathe properly?


Do they have stressful days where they need to sit down have a drink and comfort food?

Are they emotional eaters with enough money to get whatever junk food they want?

Are they getting together with their friends at bars and restaurants and pigging out?

I don’t think so.


These are PRE-schoolers.

It all begins at home:

Give the kids apple juice.

Give the kids cereal.

Give the kids chocolate milk.

Give the kids nutella sandwiches.

Give the kids granola bars or fruit roll-ups.

These are all healthy right?


These items are ALL made mostly of processed sugar.

Yes, even your apple juice and your “healthy” cereals.  Sugar and lots of it.

Why do you think kids like them so much?




How about ketchup?  It’s made from tomatoes.

Corn from a can.

Potatoes are veggies.

Pasta sauce has veggies too.

Of course, once they’ve eaten their “healthy” meal they get a treat.

ice cream



cookies, etc.


How many parents feed their kids the same junk they KNOW they shouldn’t be eating themselves?

“But it’s okay.  They burn it all off.”

Wrong again.

First of all, these obese PRE-schoolers obviously aren’t burning it all off or they wouldn’t be obese.

And even if they did.  These are the years their bodies are growing.

Do you want your kid’s cells to be made of  chocolate, cookies, pasta, nutella and sugary apple juice?


It All Begins At Home


Why are my tax dollars being spent on researching “treatments” for these kids?

If these same parents were giving their preschoolers cigarettes or letting them play in the middle of the street we wouldn’t be seeking treatment for the kids.

So why is it okay to let parents overfeed their kids until they “can’t move and have trouble breathing”?


I think we all know what these kids need.

And no amount of “treatment” is going to make these kids normal and healthy if their parents keep feeding them junk and sitting them in front of the TV or Playstation.


Parents are too lazy to make a decent meal for themselves much less want to fight with kids to “eat their veggies.”  But that’s what being a good parent is all about.  It’s not always fun and kids don’t know what’s good for them.  It’s up to us as parents to teach them – and that takes daily time and effort.


And it’s not just the kids who are obese.  Over 2/3rds of us are overweight and obese too.


But it’s okay as long as we’re all fat and unhealthy together.  Which reminds me of another article read that set me off.


But more on THAT next time…