Bill’s Burpee Builder

The Burpee


Here’s a fantastic idea I heard about from IronCore member Bill Magone.  If you know Bill, you’d know burpees hold a special place in his heart (kinda the same way I do).   So if he HAS to do them he wants to make sure he gets the most out of it.


Bill’s Burpee Builder Method


Here’s a 3 Step Method that’s a pretty ingenious way to cut your burpee time each day AND build your fitness level at the same time.

It’s really WIN-WIN.


Step One – Find Your Baseline Number


Perform each day of the Challenge as it’s laid out.  (Day 1 = Ten,  Day 2 = 15, etc.)

Your “Baseline Number” is the day of the Challenge that you hit the maximum number of non-stop burpees you can do.

For some that number might be 10 for others it might be 20 or more.


Step Two – Build up your Baseline – Slowly


As you move into the Challenge the number of daily burpees is going to exceed your Baseline.

What most people will do is split the number and do half now and half later – this is NOT the best way to go.

While this method may get you past today’s burpees it will NOT build your fitness level for the future burpees to come.   In other words your Baseline won’t move and you’ll actually be going backwards in your fitness level.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say on day 7 I hit my Baseline of 25 burpees.

Day 8 of the Challenge calls for 30 burpees.   What most people will do is 15 and then 15.

This is wrong!


You see, you’re actually going backwards with your fitness level.

On Day 7 you did 25 in a row and on Day 8 you’re only doing 15 in a row.  You won’t build back up to your Baseline  25 until Day 14.


Bill’s Burpee Builder Method


With Bill’s method you always do at least your Baseline number and then add on the extra burpees to complete the Challenge for that day.

Looking back to our example.  On Day 8, instead of doing 15 and then 15, you’d do 25 and then 5.

On Day 9 you’d do 25 and then 10, and so on.   This way you’re constantly pushing your fitness level.


Why is this better?


Because each time you do less than your Baseline you’re not increasing your fitness level.  It’s harder to do 25 burpees and then 5  than it is to do 15 and 15.

What you’ll discover with Bill’s method is that since you’re challenging yourself every day your Baseline will grow…

…which is where Step 3 comes in.


Step 3 – Re-Set Your Baseline


When your Baseline number doesn’t seem as hard, try for a new Baseline and re-set your numbers with your new Baseline.

For example, if you’re on Day 14 and your Baseline was 25 burpees and now it’s 35.

Instead of doing 25 and 25, you’ll do 35 and 15.

With Bill’s Burpee Builder method you’ll complete the each day in the Challenge faster AND you’ll build your fitness level – at the same time.

It’s win-win.

Thanks Bill!