“In that half hour I work harder than I ever have on the treadmill or other cardio machine.”

If you are really looking to make some changes, come check out Punch Gym. Rob is an outstanding trainer and motivator. He has the professionalism and maturity to work with individuals with varied personalities and with different requirements of training. He provides customized challenging 30 minute workouts that will work your body in places you did not know existed. As a busy mom of four, 30 minutes is about all I can fit in. In that half hour I work harder than I ever have on the treadmill or other cardio machine. ~ Cary Robinet, Lakeshore

“Working with you is like having a personal trainer”

When I came to your gym originally, I wanted to work on some of those “trouble spots” that seemed to be resistant to regular cardio and weight training. I was extremely surprised at how the Kettlebell workout targets the core yet tones all parts of the body – and so quickly. Working with you is like having a personal trainer – (someone to motivate and challenge me to challenge myself) and to ensure I am doing everything correctly, but for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. In addition to the physical changes I have seen, I am amazed at the increase in my strength and flexibility and energy – it’s all good! ~ Gina Facca, Lakeshore

“This is the best work out I have ever been addicted to…”

I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you do to help me improve my overall fitness. I can honestly say I truly lucked out when a friend recommended I try Rob’s kettle bell gym. This is the best work out I have ever been addicted to and for the first time in my life I actually look forward to going to the Gym. The classes are fun and the people are awesome. My energy level during the day is greater than it has ever been and I feel better than ever. This is truly the most challenging and fun work out I have ever done with noticeable results. I can honestly say Rob is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. With his dedication, experience and ability to motivate the classes I am confident my health will only continue to improve…

Thanks again to you and your family for giving us your time to help shape the lives and achieve fitness goals never thought possible by so many. ~ Sheri Morency, Lasalle

“I have lost inches, weight and better yet, feel stronger and leaner!”

When my sister approached me and asked if I wanted to go to a “kettle bell” workout, I had no idea what she was talking about let alone what we were in for.

After checking out the website www.tecumsehbootcamp.com, we were intrigued and wanted to learn more.

We decided to take Rob up on his “free trial” offer and embarked on our journey on Friday, August 14th, 2009. After filling out some paperwork, a basic lesson on how to swing the kettle bell, it wasn’t long before we worked up a sweat with the other Boot Campers. At the end of the grueling 30 minutes, my sister Elly knew this was for her. My self on the other hand, was still a bit skeptical. My sister signed up on the spot while I thought it over the weekend (which by the way, I had body parts hurt that I never knew I had). With a little persuasion, I decided to give it a try and on Monday, August 17th, 2009 we walked in ready for our workout. What we didn’t expect, was how much fun we would have at the same time, and wanting more. I really enjoyed going to class with my sister, as we are competitive in nature and she was my incentive to work harder. We both work opposite shifts of each other and the chance to have almost 3 weeks of being together and encouraging (and laughing at) each other was something we often don’t have the opportunity to do.

We have both tried many other gyms in the past but with Punch Gym Boot Camp, 30 minutes goes by so fast, it hardly feels like a workout and is like having your own personal instructors encouraging you to do your best. We can tell you from experience; it is definitely a workout for any fitness level. You work at your own pace and gradually build up to heavier weights. Rob and Christine are great instructors and definitely inspirations to look up to.

My sister Elly decided to take time for herself after having her third child start school full time and continue working out, having noticed a change in her body and stamina. Elly having had upper back and neck troubles for many years of working as a nurse has commented on how much better she is feeling.

On day one, I couldn’t do a full sit-up or even one push-up (men’s style). By the end of the Boot Camp, I was completing the full 30 second rotation for both. I have lost inches, weight and better yet, feel stronger and leaner. I was feeling more confident with my body and proud of what I accomplished in only 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, I could not continue with Punch Gym. However, I will not hesitate to join again in the future and recommend it to anyone who wishes to lose weight/inches, gain a more leaner and healthier body. ~ Sincerely, Diana Roberts and Elly Funkenhauser (sisters)

“I have better balance, more energy, strength, endurance and agility!”

I am a 61 yea r old woman with osteoporosis who had never participated in a fitness regime or joined a gym before until at the encouragement of my daughter, I gave PUNCH Kettlebell gym a try. My only attempt at physical activity previous to this was walking and golf.

I am absolutely delighted to say that with the encouragement of Rob and staff at PUNCH Kettlebell gym that over the past eight months the following has happened:

I look forward to working out 4 times a week,
I have better balance, more energy, strength, endurance and agility,
My bone density has improved,
My beloved sport of choice, golf, has improved (quite a bit),
My clothes fit better and according to family and friends I look more fit and I personally feel more fit.

I have been enjoying training with Rob so much that my husband signed up 3 months ago. He can’t believe the difference it has made in his overall feeling of well-being. He is now ready to start up his baseball season with renewed strength and confidence.

Kudos to Rob at PUNCH Kettlebell gym for all you do to help people improve their lives through fitness. ~ Andrea Jones, 61, Windsor

“Your program is WONDERFUL!”

Thank you for the goodie bag today and even more importantly, thank you for a fantastic week! This has perhaps been the most difficult thing I have ever done…..physically. (Mentally, I have two University degrees and a Specialist. It didn’t help me read the signs today though! LOL! )

I have been overweight all of my life and I signed up as a last ditch effort to get fit. I have tried a lot of things…..diets etc. I have taken 10 pills a day for two years to keep my blood pressure in check. (Brought on by severe pre-eclampsia in pregnancy) It is no way to live….I have a 2 1/2 year old son and I need to be healthy for him. My hubby too!

Your program is WONDERFUL…..I can’t say enough. Even when I feel ashamed that I can’t do everything the greatest, your kind words and motivating attitudes remind me of my purpose, and I keep trying. I love being at your gym every morning and I just wanted to say “thank you”! ~ Jodi Stone, 34, Windsor

“I am addicted to the Punch Gym!”

I am addicted to the Punch Gym. Amazingly my body has lost and toned all in a short time. I was in to the cardio-kickboxing for a long time, I was unable to see results like have from the kettle bell workout. I enjoy the thirty minute classes, and am exhausted after each and everyone one! With the help from Rob and the instructors, you can progress and see results in your body within a couple of weeks! I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel better about themselves and wants to lose and tone up! ~ Heidi M. Lebeouf, CRN Ohpthalmology

“Improvements like this are unheard of!”

I did the Boot Camps in an effort to improve my lipid profile and decrease risk for heart disease which is very high in my family. I just had same re-checked and results are unbelievable – my Cardiologist has never seen anyone able to decrease their numbers so significantly through exercise and diet !!! Improvements like this are unheard of without using anti – cholesterol medication…..

Cholesterol 200 – now 150 (25% decrease)
LDL 131 – now 94 (28% decrease)

Grateful to you! ~ Kimberley van Vliet – Tolton, RN, BAS, Nurse Administrative Manager

“I love how must stronger I feel and look (so does my husband!)”

My experience with the Punch gym boot camp was fantastic! The boot camp helped me realize that I can’t just rely on cardio workouts, but that I need to focus also on my strength training to help me build muscle, stamina, and improve my endurance while running. Now I’m really getting to enjoy that “runner’s high” that I’m always hearing about. What I think I enjoyed best was the variety of the workout, the kettle bells, ropes, balls, and especially the circuit training. I find that my workouts are more satisfying when I’m being told what to do, because I don’t think I could ever discipline myself to do certain exercises voluntarily (e.g. mountain climbers, strongman crunches).

The boot camp has motivated me to keep up this kind of training because I love how must stronger I feel and look (so does my husband!). I’ve recommended the boot camp to lots of woman and especially those who are interested in looking for a new style of workout, and being a member of a non-conventional gym. ~ Alycia Tomalty, South Windsor

“I recommend this program to everyone I talk to wanting something different in their exercise routine because it works!”

My name is Larissa and I’m a 31-year old Human Resource professional that loves chocolate and requires a lot of motivation to exercise. I joined boot camp because I was overweight and lazy and needed some type of activity to kick my butt so that I could fit into a bridesmaid dress cause walking on my lunch break was not cutting it.

The instructors at Punch Kettle bell Gym were knowledgeable, supportive and made working out 5 days a week for 4 weeks really fun. I may not have lost the weight that I wanted to, but I lost the inches and was able to fit into my bridesmaid dress. I also lost my cravings for chocolate, began eating better with the help of their Success Manual and started sleeping better too.

I recommend this program to everyone I talk to wanting something different in their exercise routine because it works. It may be a little intimidating at first and you may want to curse the instructors during class, but by the end of each class you thank them and say “see you tomorrow” instead. ~ Larissa Burch, Human Resources

“The instructors are awesome!”

The reason I decided to try your boot camp was I have found that I didn’t make time to attend my regular gym, but I thought that your boot camp might be what I have been looking for. I have found that the 1/2 hour intense workout has been more beneficial to me than an hour at the regular gym, waiting to use equipment, and doing the same old movements. Using the kettle bell, has been a new and exciting workout for me. I have been feeling the results, so I know that it is working. I find it challenging which makes it fun and keeps me coming back for more. I really enjoy the circuit training, it gives you a full body workout, and it pushes you to your limit. The instructors are awesome, they motivate you when you think you just can’t do anymore. I have be talking to many people about my experience and I hope that they decide to give it a try.”

~ Norma Williams

“In 3 weeks I’ve lost 7 inches!”

In January I drove by the sign at Dominion Dome for a month… kept meaning to look on line but never did. Got a flyer in the mail .. stayed on my counter for 2 days… then in my purse for a few days. I would not throw it away, had it in the back of my mind, but also didn’t want to committ. Finally I went on line.. www.lasallebootcamp.ca or punchgym.ca… looked cool but I was scared that I wouldn’t make through the classes. Went to sign up a few times, chickened out. Sent Rob an e-mail stating my fears. He assured me that 60 year old ladies were doing it, and so were 100lbs over weight ladies. No one had died or even got hurt. I thought about biggest loser.. they are big and they survive and do it, why can’t I.

So..Feeling the need to jump start a fitness program (and needing to get in shape for golf season), I signed up for the “try it before you buy it” class. I made it through the whole 30 minutes and signed up for the month of February. Some stuff they wanted me to do that first week, I just thought “are they crazy”. But.. in 3 weeks.. the excercises that I could hardly do.. I am now doing… and pushing to do more & better. They keep telling you.. do what you can… quality not quantity…. and as you increase your strength.. you’ll be able to do more and more. Imagine.. they are right! I have asthma.. I have never had to use my puffer. I feel good, on Friday you are happy the week is done.. but by Monday morning you look forward to starting the new week.

I did my 3 week measurements… although the scale isn’t moving down as fast as I’d like it to.. the inches are dropping. In 3 weeks I’ve lost 7 inches. 3” on my hips/stomach, 1” on my thights, 1” on my waist and almost an inch off my arms. My tight clothes are now loose. Now that is a feeling no number on any scale will give you! After seeing these results…. I signed up for another month right away. 5 days a week is a big commitment..but try to think what you do for yourself these days. We are wives, mothers, workers, etc… when are we ourselves anymore? You owe it to yourself to give this time to yourself. Believe me. your family will love the new you. You’ll have energy, you’ll be happy, you’ll be feeling good about yourself and that will reflect in your mood. I was himming and hawing about spending the money for the next session (really it’s around $8/session.. cost of going our for lunch?).. and my husband said. you haven’t missed once, you like the classes, you are getting good results. quit being so cheap. Then I thought.. how many times have we spent $100 on one meal at a restaurant and haven’t batted an eye. He was right…so. 2 months bootcamp for me! Once you committ you will definitely make the time it is money well spent!

In three weeks I’ve gotten better results than going to the gym for a year! And it’s only 30min (well. sometimes we push to 35min). I think that is what makes you able to come back. You know that you get in there.. do each exercise for a short period of time (1 to 2 min).. get a 30sec rest.. then on to the next exercise. It makes it a bit easier to push yourself when you know there’s an end, rest.. then back to a different one. 30 min. a day.. and these results.. how can you not try it. I have not been on a strict diet.. I have been making good choices, still “living life and not sacrificing” and have gotten these results. I have been “dieting” without results for 10 years.. now I’m making a effort to change my life style.. and so far so good. Getting good results.. makes you continue on your path to a better way of life. Rob’s motto “live life”.. I now get it!

Try it out.. it’s worth the 30min. ~Sue Racine, Amherstburg

“I am so impressed with the boot camp!”

Three days after I finished the ‘3 week’ boot camp, I started a week of CDT (Customs Defense Training) Baton and Pepper Spray Re-certification (for work). I hadn’t realized, until I started that week’s physical training, that I had increased both my strength and stamina.

Thank you.

I am so impressed with the boot camp, that I want to do another in November, if you are still running that particular program. Will see you soon.” ~ Claire Peach, Lakeshore

“Ton of fun!”

I just wanted to say thank you again for one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. As hard as the boot camp was, it was a ton of fun. You are running a fantastic place and Christine is a great instructor.

I really hope I can convince some of my friends to join me for a boot camp in the near future. I’d like to do another one again after I get back from my trip.

Anyway, I really had a great time and my perspective on health and fitness has completely changed (for the better). I attribute that all to my Punch Gym experience. Thank you again very much.” ~ Somer Dranchak, Lakeshore