First she beat cancer… then she lost 60lbs! Read Cealia’s courageous story.

Over three years ago a friend of mine received a Bootcamp flyer from Punch Gym in the mail. She immediately told me about it because she knows I am always up for a new and fun way to work out. So we began our journey together. BOOTCAMP #1 was a huge success for me, I was challenged both mentally and physically and even though I could barely sit down after week one, I couldn’t wait to keep going. Working out is not new to me since high school I have always trained, from spin class to kickboxing to running the casual 5K and weight training, but Punch was a new and exciting. This class was only a half hour, it incorporated interval training, cardio and weights and it was kicking my butt. I love that no workout was ever the same, that I was pushed to my absolute limit after only a half hour, and that my body was changing after the first week. After my first boot camp I lost 3 inches, increased in strength, flexibility and cardio and I lost 15 unwanted pounds, that I just couldn’t do with my current workout or diet.

Needless to say I have been attending ever since…. But that wasn’t the kicker for me, so if you have a minute here is my small PUNCH success story. I am a 33 year old female who one year ago was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. For those who don’t know, it a form of blood Cancer. I was told that I would undergo a year of treatment, Chemo and Radiation, which would Cure my Cancer but leave my body feeling run down and out of shape. I was ready for the challenge of course, I mean what else can you do but fight. So I began treatment and within one week I realized that all my years of hard work at the Gym would come to a screeching halt. I was too sick and felt too tired to even walk my own stairs to do laundry some days, so sadly my doctor advised that I stop my regular workouts and allow my body time to heal. So I did, kicking and screaming, but I had to listen to my body and give it the rest it needed, and took 7 long months off the gym. I continued to walk and eat cleanly so that I could try to maintain what I was but unfortunately the drugs I was on for treatment help me to stay tired and healthy… so healthy that I was an extra 40lbs after treatment was all said and done. Yep 40lbs, no baby to blame, no McDonald’s to blame just a small price to pay to beat Cancer. And I did it, yet another proud moment. But now I had to build my body back from scratch and I knew just where to do it.. So I put my mind on yet another task to lose that Chemo body and get mine back. I was welcomed back to PUNCH, with open arms of course, and began the PUNCH experience. I went to PUNCH classes 5 days a week, began training my body to learn how to run again and attended another class. Yes this is extreme to work out 1-2 hours a day, BUT so is gaining 40lbs in 3 months with no fault of your own, so it had to be done, and after my experience with Cancer I realized that I deserved to give my body a new look on life. Let me tell you it was NOT easy but was TRANSFORMED… I lost all 40lbs in 3 months. I went from 240 to 200lbs, lost 4 pant sizes, and could fit in all my post Cancer cloths BUT I was determined to be better. This weight was solely lost due to training, I never changed my diet but I eat rather clean and never fast food besides the weekly pizza dinner. I still love dessert after dinner and am known to enjoy an alcoholic beverage but that is the best part. I could still have that cake, slice of pizza or frothy Margarita, and the the weight was still coming off. I was still feeling nauseous everyday as the drugs were leaving my system but my body was embracing the activity, so I continued. I knew that I was going to be back to work soon and I wanted to be healthy and strong. I kept my schedule going for two more months….And lost another 20lbs. So 5 months post Chemo- 240 lbs down to 180 lbs, yep that is 60lbs, Size 14 down to size 10 and the body I had 15 years ago was standing in front of me in the mirror. And here I am one year later, Cancer free, 60lbs smaller , still attending PUNCH an in better shape than ever.

As I continue my journey with PUNCH I only get stronger, now I swing the 40 lb bell for all exercises and I know the next bell size is only a few swings away. My body is lean and my muscles are cut and visible, I have built strength but don’t look bulky, I can bust out push ups like a high school kid and my Core has never been so tight. They give us the tools for a better healthier you, don’t we all deserve to feel good, be healthy and live a longer life?? It’s up to you, we only have this one life so make it count. Thank you for reading my success story and good luck on yours. Hope to see you soon at class.

So if you are seeking a workout with the concept of group personal training, friendly and encouraging staff, and you want to be your own success story …There is no other place to do it than Punch Gym.

Cealia Gagnon


  1. Dana Strong says

    WOW, what an incredible story!! Congrats on beating cancer and staying so positive throughout your ordeal. Your optimism and determination are a huge inspiration to me and I also admire your tenacity. I’m sure going through those grueling workouts so soon after your chemo was a huge struggle. I wish you continued success and health. Congrats again and well done!!