FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I haven’t exercised in a l-o-n-g time.  Will this be too hard for me?

A. Absolutely not.  You go at your own pace and you get only positive motivation and support.  The Instructor is right there to modify your program if you have any issues or need help.  My clients include people over 60 (and 70) years young.  People who are extremely overweight with bad knees, bad back and shoulders and more.  You’ll quickly feel comfortable in our close-knit family atmosphere. You’re taken care of every step of the way – like having your own personal trainer.  All you need is the desire to have fun… we take care of the rest.

Q. Is 30 minutes really enough time to get results?

A. Yes… if you do it right.  Studies show that short, intense workouts (like F.I.R.E. Circuit) are more effective than hour long low-intensity sessions for burning fat and adding lean muscle.  Since my program runs 5 days a week, your body’s fat-burning furnace is naturally running on “high” all the time.  Plus with my Triple Guarantee, if you don’t see or feel any results after one week I’ll give you a full refund.

Q.  I already have a gym membership.  Why should I do this?

A. Simply because it’s a better way.  Kettlebells isn’t just another thing we do.  We specialize in short, intense workouts called F.I.R.E. Circuits that use kettlebells to their MAX.  You’ll do many unique moves that you’ve never heard of like turkish get-up, russian twist and tactical lunge.  We show how to do the moves properly so you get the maximum results in the minimum time. Plus you won’t just use kettlebells.  Tires, ropes, loops, sandbags and more are all part of the variety in my program.  Many clients who were sick and tired of the “gym thing” and the “dvd thing” have told me my program has changed their life (look under Success Stories).  Isn’t 4 weeks worth the investment in changing your life?

Q.  Isn’t it a lot of money for a gym membership?

A. I agree.  But you’re not buying a “gym membership.”  You’re buying a complete program that’s unlike anything you get from the “gym.”  You’re in and out in just 30 minutes.  You’ll show-up because it’s FUN and social.  You get an Instructor to teach and motivate you through your workouts.  You work out with a small close-knit group (many clients end up having relationships outside the gym).  You get accountability, like having a personal trainer.  You get TONS of information on health, fitness and nutrition.  And lastly you get a variety of unique, fat-burning, body-sculpting F.I.R.E. Circuits that give you incredible RESULTS.  Isn’t that why you workout in the first place?

Q.  Okay Rob, why are you giving away a Free Starter Workout?  What’s the catch?

A. The truth is I’m trying to get you “hooked.” That’s right.  I’m shamelessly attempting to get you “addicted” to my program and I know if you try just one workout you’ll immediately fall in love with it like so many others.  You see, I grow my membership by letting people just like you try us out without pressure or “hard sell” tactics.  I hate it when others do it to me, so I refuse to do it to you.  I understand my program isn’t for everyone, so I let you “try us on for size” and “see how we fit” before you spend any money.

Q. A “Triple Guarantee”?

A. I give you a Triple Guarantee so that you don’t risk a penny.  If I’m not telling you the 100% truth I’ll give you ALL your money back.  I understand you’re concerned about how you spend your money during these tough economic times.  Frankly, the guarantee is so generous that you could easily take advantage of me… but I don’t think you will.  I do my best to see that you get fantastic body-changing (sometimes life-changing) results in a truly enjoyable program. Check out the details under the “About Us” tab.

Q.  Can I join with my spouse or teen?

A. Absolutely.  We have many spouses who work out together.  It’s their quality time away from the kids.  What’s even more interesting is we have many parents who work out with their teens.  It’s a fantastic way to bond (you now have something in common) and teach them a healthy, lifetime habit.  Plus it’s great when the kids see what mom or dad can do.  We do offer family discounts.  My program is perfect for sports conditioning if you or your teen is an athlete.

Q. What if I’m on shift work and I can’t come at the same time every day?

A. I understand many people are on shift work.  Nurses,  factory workers and first responders have crazy schedules.  While I do try to keep you to the same time every day (it’s perfect for accountability). I do leave enough “buffer” for you to change times if you need to.  If you want to make sure we can accommodate your schedule just give us a call at (519) 979-3238.

Q. What kind of results can I expect to see?

A. Besides the body transformation you’ll experience, the biggest achievement is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you get from taking care of your health. If you’ve never experienced it, you are in for a real treat, because nothing can make your life more full, rich, balanced and positive than exercise.

You can expect to see your body become toned, tighter and considerably more firm. Your energy levels will soar. Stress will be totally controlled, and in some cases, even disappear. Your stamina and strength will increase, your body fat decrease by as much as 3% – 8%, you can lose a minimum of 5lbs – 12lbs, your thighs and tush will firm up, your tummy flatten. Inches will literally melt away as you add lean muscle and lose unwanted fat. Your skin will glow, your eyes clear, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

I know, I know, that sounds like hype. All I can say is this: once you experience it, you WILL believe it. And in addition to all that, you’ll meet great people, make some new friends and have a heckuva lot of fun!

Q. What happens after the 4 weeks are done?

A. We have 3 month and 1 year programs that are much less expensive than the 4 week boot camp.  Understand that during your boot camp you get a lot of support that you don’t need on an on-going basis so I pass the savings onto you.  Of course the longer you commit, the less you pay.  Lastly, if you take extended vacations (1 week or more) I’ll adjust your rate for the time you’ll be gone.