Forming Healthy Habits – The Easy Way

Today I want to write about How To Form Healthy Habits – The Easy Way.  So many people think that switching to a healthy lifestyle means making dramatic changes overnight to their lives.  It doesn’t have to be like this.  In fact, Leo Babauta in his book “The Power of Less” researched the best way to change your habits.  He discovered that if you focus on changing just one habit your chance of success is 80%.  When you try to change 2 habits the success rate drops to just 30%!

In other words, don’t try to do too much too fast.  With that in mind here are some ideas to help you form healthy habits – the easy way:

1. You hear all the time that nutrition is 75% of weight loss.  BUT many people find that if you focus on creating the habit of exercise first, eating healthier usually follows on its own.

2.  Don’t make it complicated.  Which program is easier to stick with:

Option 1:  Get on the treadmill, do a 5 minute warm-up then
Run in the “fat burning” zone for 45 minutes to an hour  Mon, Wed, Fri
Work out with weights – upper body on Tuesday, lower body on Thursday
Hit spin class on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm
Do yoga class on Monday and Wednesdays at 6pm
Make my boot camp class on Saturday for an hour

Option 2:  Go to Punch Gym at 5:45am for 30 minutes Mon – Fri   (shameless plug)

3.  Keep your streak going – don’t let yourself miss a day of activity.  If your current program is only 3 days a week it’s too easy to get sidetracked.  If you miss Monday for a legitimate reason, i.e.) illness,  by the time Wednesday rolls around you haven’t done a workout in 4 days!  How easy is it to miss one more.  Too easy.  Plan to do some type activity every day, so even if you miss a day you have a reason to get right back on track the next day.

4.  Never, ever give up.  As Calvin Coolidge said “Nothing can take the place of persistence.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

5.  Go public with your new habit and be accountable to others – especially those you KNOW won’t let you off the hook.  Your kid brother or co-workers are a good example.  Your close friend is a bad example.

6.  Find an activity you enjoy – and let yourself enjoy it.  If you look at every day as “fun” vs “torture” you’ll stick with it a lot longer.
Enjoy burning calories
Enjoy the sweat
Enjoy the stress relief

7.  Set short-term, behaviour-related goals with rewards.  i.e.) I will workout 5 days per week for a month and I will treat myself to a pedicure.

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