Get All-Day Energy [without the can]

Right now energy drinks and shots are all the rage.  I understand their seduction.  I mean, you can party like a rockstar all night and when you get up in the morning all bleary-eyed in an instant you can get a burst of energy from a can.  Then later on as it wears off you do it again, and again, and…   Of course, tonight there’s another party, somewhere and you think to yourself, “I know I’m tired, but I can just have another energy shot tomorrow.”

…and you’d be fooling yourself.   There’s always a price to pay for abusing your body.

“Abusing my body?” You ask, “But these fountain-of-youth drinks are all-natural.”

Yes, so is dirt, and you don’t want to be putting that in your body.

I recently read an article which detailed the experience a sales reps from one of the energy drink makers.   They were paid on commission which meant long days, short nights and lots of work.  Of course they got all the product they wanted for free.  It started out with a couple cans a day and as their body adjusted it became 5 and 6 cans a day.  Then with an overstimulated adrenal system it became hard to relax at all, ever to the point of needing sleeping pills to sleep at night.  Eventually burnout hit the rep like a hammer.   Coming off the caffeine was like withdrawal from any other addiction.

The secret to all-day energy, every day without the crash is this:

“Follow a good, healthy eating plan.”

However, there are certain nutrients that will help fight off fatigue better than others so make sure you include these in your eating:

B Vitamins, especially B-12 helps you stay alert.  Foods that are high in B’s include:
Sunflower seeds

Zinc, is a necessary mineral that used in the creation of enzymes that our bodies use to make energy.  A shortage of zinc short-circuits this essential process.  Foods that are high in zinc include:

For Vegans, you can still get zinc from spinach, asparagus and green peas, but your body has a harder time absorbing it from these sources.

Green Tea, is full of anti-oxidants, B vitamins and more healthy nutrients.  Just be careful with the commercial teabags as they contain a lot of caffeine.  Loose tea leaves or decaffeinated is better for you in the long run.

Next time you’re feeling tired before you reach for the quick fix in a can, give these foods a try, get a good night’s sleep and you’ll be surprised how fast your energy levels soar!