How Moderation is Killing Your Results


“It’s just this once…”


It happens to me too.

On Monday I think to myself, “I have fries instead of a salad.  It’s just this once.”

Then on Tuesday, I’ll grab a cookie at Starbucks and justify it with “It’s just this once.”

On Thursday I’ll go to my Dad’s house for dinner and he’ll make pasta with cream, eggs and bacon (yeah, I know) and I’ll have a plate and think to myself  “It’s okay, it’s just this once.”

Add it all up and I’ve “just this onced” myself into 5 or 10 extra pounds.

By now you’re probably thinking that never having a cookie or a slice of pizza or even pasta “al diavolo” is no way to live – and you’d be right.

Well, sort of…


Everything in Moderation


Let’s take wine as an example.

It’s the end of a long, stressful day and you sit down with a glass of wine because you “deserve” it.

That’s right, only one glass and you feel good about it because the medical journals say that one glass of wine a day is “healthy” for you.

That’s Monday and maybe even Tuesday.  But on Wednesday you go out with your friends and have a few glasses socially.

Next thing you know it’s the weekend and you’re at a party or a get-together and you’re knocking back some number greater than one.

But it’s okay, you think.  I’m just having a few – in moderation.

Problem is wine is not your only problem.  While you’re having your wine “in moderation” you’re having desserts twice a week “in moderation” and you’re having a cookie at Starbucks (or Timmies) twice a week, again “in moderation”.

Then you step on the scale and think to yourself, “Why am I not losing any weight, I hardly ate anything I wasn’t supposed to.”

You can’t keep track of all the “hardlys” – but your body can… and does.

Moderation can kill your results.  That lone cookie won’t do it, but added up with a few extra glasses of wine,  a couple desserts and a “cheat meal” and you’ve done some serious damage to your diet and you didn’t even realize it.


What You Can Do


If you’re sick and tired of not seeing results and you KNOW that you’ve been playing (and losing) the moderation game then you need to take control of your eating.

You can either follow a pre-designed healthy eating plan (NOT a diet) or journal your food.

Get yourself a healthy eating plan (like the one in our 4 week Spring Slimdown) and follow it day-by-day and step-by-step like a roadmap.  Your treats are built-in so you don’t have to completely give up your favourite foods and all the tracking and thinking is done for you.

If you feel your eating isn’t that bad, then maybe food journaling is better for you.  Keep a detailed journal for one week (including the weekend) and enter EVERYTHING you eat and drink.  Most people that do this are shocked at how many calories they’re actually eating every day.


Our DietGenius Eating System can help you with tracking your food and with making your own personalized meal plans based on your likes and dislikes.


Food Tracking

Just enter what you’re eating now and the DietGenius instantly gives you feedback on not just calories, but on 26 different nutrients including fibre, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.  Plus with the click of a button you get a huge list of the best food choices to help you meet your eating goals.

All you have to do is find what you like and eat it.


Meal Plans

DietGenius can help you if you’re not sure what to eat.  Just tell it what you’d like to see in your daily meal plans (i.e. coffee, tea, yogurt, etc. ) and what you don’t like (i.e. fish, brussell sprouts, etc.) and DietGenius will serve up thousands of meal plans that meet your needs – instantly.

Just pick the one that works best for you.

It’s practically foolproof.


To learn more about our amazing DietGenius Eating System just drop me an e-mail at or call Rob at (519) 979-3238 and I’ll hook you up with a Free Trial so you can check it out for yourself.  No obligation, no credit card, no surprises.