How to eat at The Keg without the guilt (or excess calories).

A Simple and Smart Eating Idea

Keg Steak Dinner

This morning after her 30 minute kettlebell workout I was speaking to Karen Athavale and she came up with what I thought was a brilliant way to eat at The Keg (or just about any nice restaurant) and not blow your calories for the day.

Using the free app MyfitnessPal she looked up The Keg menu items and was shocked to discover that the dinner she was planning on ordering was a whopping 1,000 calories!

…and that was without appetizers, drinks or even a dessert… which can easily add another 500 – 600 calories making it a total of around 1, 600 calories for just one meal.

That’s more calories than most women should eat in an entire day.


Here’s What She Did (And You Should Too)


Since this was early in her day and she wanted to enjoy herself at this meal while NOT completely blowing her calories for the day.  Here’s what she did (very smart):

1) She started by reducing her calories for the rest of the day, by eating smaller meals and skipping snacks,

2)  She ordered the meal she wanted and put half of it away for another day,

3)  Skipped the dessert completely,

4)  Enjoyed her meal without guilt!

How hard was it for Karen?  She said it was fun, like a hobby to look at the different meals and see what the calories were and then make up a simple game plan to stay on course (and guilt-free).

I know you can’t find every restaurant’s menu on MyFitnessPal, but you can get some idea of the calories in different meals and plan your day accordingly.

And yes, it CAN be a little fun 🙂

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