How we’ve “Normalized” the Abnormal

Here’s a great video that discusses the TRUTH about why our kids are getting fat and how WE’RE enabling them:



Let me know what you think below…


  1. Bill Magone says

    Wow! Sure makes you think about what we are doing to our kids. I hope this opens some eyes and people start to think about keeping our kids healthier.

  2. Debbie Tehan says

    DUH!! re: Nutella. I can’t believe people feed that to their kids and think it’s okay! A lot of eye opening information in this video. If we feed our kids unhealthy food now, not only will they be overweight, but they will be prone to diseases and have unhealthy eating habits as adults. WAKE UP!!!!

  3. Debbie Lucier says

    Great video….eye opener to everything that is going on around us.
    I have often just walked into the supermarkets and shake my head at all the junk food being displayed to us as we walk through the door before even getting our shopping carts. The junk being disbursed strategically through out our produce section as though this was normal and we should buy it along with our fruits and vegetables.
    I work in a hospital where they have removed our cafeteria and have replaced it with Tim Hortons, subway and vending machines. That’s right! It’s maddening! The only choice we have is to not buy any of it. But is that going to happen? Probably not.
    How do we change this problem?