How you can make a healthy dinner even on your crazy nights…

You rush out of work, pick up the kids and hurry home.

You’re tired and hungry, the kids are tired and hungry and you have to get dinner ready.

You graze through your fridge, freezer and cupboards looking for something to make.

The last thing you ate was a cookie and diet soda in the break room at 3pm.

Your blood sugar is crashing and you want something…   NOW.

The whole time all you’re thinking about is:

“What can I make that’s fast and the kids will eat.”

As you’re making dinner you snack on everything and anything you get your hands on.

By the time you set the food on the table you’re not even hungry but you eat anyway.

As you eat,  you wish you had more time (or a personal chef) so your family could eat healthier meals.


Imagine THIS instead…

You rush out of work, pick up the kids and hurry home.

You’re feeling pretty good, but the kids are tired and hungry and you have to get dinner ready.

You’re feeling good because your 3pm snack is a handful of almonds (you brought with you) so that your blood sugar isn’t crashing and your brain isn’t frazzled.

You open the fridge and you know it’s going to take you about half an hour to get dinner ready.

In the meantime you nibble on some celery sticks and humus.

You put the chicken (you marinated last night) in the oven and get ready to steam some frozen veggies (you bought on Saturday) along with some rice.

By the time dinner comes you’re still a little hungry and you sit and enjoy a healthy meal with your family.  You feel great about serving your family a delicious, healthy meal.

What’s the difference between the first and second scenario?
It’s not willpower….
It’s not more time….
It’s not paying me to make sure you don’t stuff your face with junk food before dinner…


It’s Planning and Preparation

You will NEVER lose weight successfully just “winging it”.  <<== TRUTH

Getting in your workouts is important, but prepping your food for the week is even MORE important if your main goal is weight loss.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to plan out each and every meal like a rocket scientist with OCD.

Here are 3 simple things you can do that will cover a lot of your meal prep:

1)  Cook a bunch of chicken breasts that you can quickly re-heat.
2)  Make sure you have fresh and frozen veggies on hand at all times.
3)  Buy pre-washed lettuce for salads (yes, you have to eat salad).


Take a moment to think about the total time it takes to do these 3 things…

…and think about the headaches (and guilt) you’ll save yourself on those crazy, busy
nights when you have to throw something together fast.

It’s a LOT easier to eat healthy when the food is sitting there ready than it is white-knuckle it through a craving when you’re tired and hungry and dinner is still 50 minutes away.

No preparation = no results.