“I have better balance, more energy, strength, endurance and agility!”

I am a 61 yea r old woman with osteoporosis who had never participated in a fitness regime or joined a gym before until at the encouragement of my daughter, I gave PUNCH Kettlebell gym a try. My only attempt at physical activity previous to this was walking and golf.

I am absolutely delighted to say that with the encouragement of Rob and staff at PUNCH Kettlebell gym that over the past eight months the following has happened:

I look forward to working out 4 times a week,
I have better balance, more energy, strength, endurance and agility,
My bone density has improved,
My beloved sport of choice, golf, has improved (quite a bit),
My clothes fit better and according to family and friends I look more fit and I personally feel more fit.

I have been enjoying training with Rob so much that my husband signed up 3 months ago. He can’t believe the difference it has made in his overall feeling of well-being. He is now ready to start up his baseball season with renewed strength and confidence.

Kudos to Rob at PUNCH Kettlebell gym for all you do to help people improve their lives through fitness. ~ Andrea Jones, 61, Windsor