“I love how must stronger I feel and look (so does my husband!)”

My experience with the Punch gym boot camp was fantastic! The boot camp helped me realize that I can’t just rely on cardio workouts, but that I need to focus also on my strength training to help me build muscle, stamina, and improve my endurance while running. Now I’m really getting to enjoy that “runner’s high” that I’m always hearing about. What I think I enjoyed best was the variety of the workout, the kettle bells, ropes, balls, and especially the circuit training. I find that my workouts are more satisfying when I’m being told what to do, because I don’t think I could ever discipline myself to do certain exercises voluntarily (e.g. mountain climbers, strongman crunches).

The boot camp has motivated me to keep up this kind of training because I love how must stronger I feel and look (so does my husband!). I’ve recommended the boot camp to lots of woman and especially those who are interested in looking for a new style of workout, and being a member of a non-conventional gym. ~ Alycia Tomalty, South Windsor