I went from “Ultra Inactive” to losing 57lbs…

First a little background on me.  I was 38 when I first came to Punch Gym.  I am a mom of 4 that had spent about 13 years steadily gaining weight & being ultra inactive physically.  Mentally programmed that I didn’t have time for me.  I started my road to health about 7 months before I found Punch Gym.  Changed my eating habits and was losing weight.  A good friend of mine asked me to join the ladies bootcamp with her.  She told me it was tough but that she knew I would love it.  I went to my first class in August 2010.  It kicked my butt!  I was hooked!

I could barely do a push-up, sit-ups were so foreign to my body that my abs threatened to go on strike.  I was winded after a few swings.  It was my mind that kicked in and got me through that first class.  I said to myself that it’s just a half an hour.  30 little minutes.  Just a little bit longer & I’ll have made it.  I went home exhausted but enlightened.

I started losing weight because I wanted to grow old & see my kids grow up.  I wanted to be healthy.

When I started kettlebell bootcamp, I made a promise to myself that I could take a half an hour a day for me.  Losing weight is one thing, but waking up your body and finding the long neglected muscles is another thing all together!  It wasn’t easy that first week, to go back when my body was sore, but I went.  The trainers always had encouraging words.  They recognized my level of ability and always had ways to keep me going.  They recognized my improvement over the weeks and when I moved up to heavier weights they applauded me and made me proud of myself.

I’m actually surprised some days that the 30 minutes have flown by!  Everyday is different, I haven’t been bored or not challenged in the 10 months I’ve been coming.  In the past year and a half I have lost 57 pounds.  Since starting Punch Gym my entire body shape has changed!  I truly feel like a different person.

Christy Adamson, Kingsville