“In 3 weeks I’ve lost 7 inches!”

In January I drove by the sign at Dominion Dome for a month… kept meaning to look on line but never did. Got a flyer in the mail .. stayed on my counter for 2 days… then in my purse for a few days. I would not throw it away, had it in the back of my mind, but also didn’t want to committ. Finally I went on line.. www.lasallebootcamp.ca or punchgym.ca… looked cool but I was scared that I wouldn’t make through the classes. Went to sign up a few times, chickened out. Sent Rob an e-mail stating my fears. He assured me that 60 year old ladies were doing it, and so were 100lbs over weight ladies. No one had died or even got hurt. I thought about biggest loser.. they are big and they survive and do it, why can’t I.

So..Feeling the need to jump start a fitness program (and needing to get in shape for golf season), I signed up for the “try it before you buy it” class. I made it through the whole 30 minutes and signed up for the month of February. Some stuff they wanted me to do that first week, I just thought “are they crazy”. But.. in 3 weeks.. the excercises that I could hardly do.. I am now doing… and pushing to do more & better. They keep telling you.. do what you can… quality not quantity…. and as you increase your strength.. you’ll be able to do more and more. Imagine.. they are right! I have asthma.. I have never had to use my puffer. I feel good, on Friday you are happy the week is done.. but by Monday morning you look forward to starting the new week.

I did my 3 week measurements… although the scale isn’t moving down as fast as I’d like it to.. the inches are dropping. In 3 weeks I’ve lost 7 inches. 3” on my hips/stomach, 1” on my thights, 1” on my waist and almost an inch off my arms. My tight clothes are now loose. Now that is a feeling no number on any scale will give you! After seeing these results…. I signed up for another month right away. 5 days a week is a big commitment..but try to think what you do for yourself these days. We are wives, mothers, workers, etc… when are we ourselves anymore? You owe it to yourself to give this time to yourself. Believe me. your family will love the new you. You’ll have energy, you’ll be happy, you’ll be feeling good about yourself and that will reflect in your mood. I was himming and hawing about spending the money for the next session (really it’s around $8/session.. cost of going our for lunch?).. and my husband said. you haven’t missed once, you like the classes, you are getting good results. quit being so cheap. Then I thought.. how many times have we spent $100 on one meal at a restaurant and haven’t batted an eye. He was right…so. 2 months bootcamp for me! Once you committ you will definitely make the time it is money well spent!

In three weeks I’ve gotten better results than going to the gym for a year! And it’s only 30min (well. sometimes we push to 35min). I think that is what makes you able to come back. You know that you get in there.. do each exercise for a short period of time (1 to 2 min).. get a 30sec rest.. then on to the next exercise. It makes it a bit easier to push yourself when you know there’s an end, rest.. then back to a different one. 30 min. a day.. and these results.. how can you not try it. I have not been on a strict diet.. I have been making good choices, still “living life and not sacrificing” and have gotten these results. I have been “dieting” without results for 10 years.. now I’m making a effort to change my life style.. and so far so good. Getting good results.. makes you continue on your path to a better way of life. Rob’s motto “live life”.. I now get it!

Try it out.. it’s worth the 30min. ~Sue Racine, Amherstburg