Just 30 minutes a day – 40 lbs of fat… GONE!

Emily became a better mom and wife

I was introduced to Punch Gym in July of 2010, only two and a half months after having a caesarean section with my second child.  I had a lot of ‘baby weight’ to lose and was not only bored with the typical gym scene, but I lacked the time, energy and motivation to expose myself to the monotony of its environment.  I refused to spend more money on personal training sessions for minimal results!  I tried the fad diets and purchased home dvd workout programs but found it hard to keep myself motivated and failed to see true, lasting results.  I was ready, and needed a new challenge to finally regain control of my life again.  I had heard about Punch Gym and decided to give it a try, never realizing the impact it would have on my life.

At Punch Gym, I was warmly welcomed by trainers and other members who were there to give me the encouragement and support that I required to get me started on my new adventure.  Every day we are met with a different challenging 30 minute workout, exercising muscles I did not know existed!  My strength, and endurance have improved dramatically!  After the completion of my first boot camp session, I was down several inches, 10lbs lighter, and my self esteem had improved tremendously!  I became a more energetic, patient mother to both of my children, and a better wife!  No fancy meal plan or dieting; just hard work and a reasonable, well balanced diet!  In four short months, I went from 165lbs to 125lbs, in a new athletic physique!  I owe a lot of credit for my results to the dedicated and motivated trainers at Punch Gym, who continuously create a positive, supportive, and kid-friendly environment for their participants!  The classes are high energy and fun!  There is a family type atmosphere and approach to the program and we all encourage each other. The class times are flexible enough to work around my busy schedule as a wife, mother of 2 children, and a nurse that works shift work.   It seems there is always a class time that fits into my day.

For less than the cost of personal training, we receive direction and motivation from the instructors who have a genuine interest in seeing everyone get the most out of their 30 minute training sessions!  Months later, I am proud to say that I am addicted to kettlebell, and have gained more than a new optimistic perception on life and a new body, I have made new friends and really look forward to the workouts!  This workout program has changed my life and I am so thankful for it!  To those who can identify with where I was, contact Punch Gym for a free trial and for a new you!

–         Emily Bohdal 30yrs. –