Lose Fat By Doing High-Intensity Resistance Training

Lose Fat Faster By Doing High-Intensity Resistance Training

A new study from Italy shows that an  intense weight training program will help you lose fat because you burn twice the calories in half the time than a traditional training program.

The term “intensity” in this case refers to the workout protocol causing metabolic stress so that it forces your body to burn extra calories in the 24 hours after the workout. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which is just a fancy way to say “Afterburn”.

Fit pros don’t like to talk about Afterburn for fat loss because it requires you to work hard and push through some physical pain—it’s not easy to get that  extra calorie burn… but when you do it pays off – BIG TIME!

Keep reading and I’ll show you why the effort is worth it.

Researchers used weight-trained young men and had them perform one of two weight training programs:

1) a Traditional program, or

2) a High-Intensity program

Results showed that the following:

The Traditional program took 62 minutes and 22 hours after exercise this group experienced just a 5 percent increase in calorie burn and an insignificant increase in the use of fat for fuel.

The High-Intensity program took 32 minutes and at 22 hours after exercise this group experienced a massive 24 percent increase in calorie burn and a significant shift to use of fat for fuel occurred.

The Conclusion:  In half the time and performing about half the volume, the participants burned significantly more calories.

Researchers suggest the High-Intensity weight lifting has been shown  to significantly elevate Afterburn and produce fat loss. Here’s why.

1)  Lifting heavy weights and using very short rest periods seems to produce a major build up of lactate. The need to  remove blood lactate—a waste product—takes energy (calories).

2) During high-intensity training, the body will shift to burn fatty acids, leading to the use of fat stores for fuel.

3)  Though not measured in this study, it’s probable that the high metabolic stress of the workout and short rest periods  elevated growth hormone, a hormone that mobilizes fat to be burned for energy.

But researchers also noted that just throwing around weights in the gym or doing low-intensity cardio an increase in afterburn is not guaranteed:  Previous studies show that your afterburn can be increased by metabolically stressful training or by lifting a very high volume, neither of which are normally done by the average gym-goer.

Take away the following points:

If your goal is to strip body fat quickly, high-intensity resistance training is ideal, but it must be programmed correctly.  You can’t just throw together a bunch of random exercises you find a magazine and hope you get the result you want.

Be sure to sequence exercises so that as you become fatigued you don’t put yourself at risk of injury due to poor technique.

If you’re ready to lose bodyfat using high-intensity resistance training give me a shout at (519) 979-3238 and I’ll get you started on your road to your best body in just 30 minutes a day.

Rob Santarossa
The Body Transformation Specialist


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