Losing weight is easy once you…

At least 95% of people who sign up for one of our programs are looking to lose weight.  Some simply want to look better, others because they have (or want to avoid) health issues.

The key to losing weight is simple:  Burn more calories than you  take in.

Simple.  Yes.  Easy.  No… unless you do this ONE thing.

Before I give you the answer, let’s do a quick “reality check”.   Ask yourself this question (answer honestly)

“Do I live a normal life?”.

If your answer is “Yes”, then look in a full-length mirror and get used to what you see, because it’s NOT going to get any better.

If you want to lose those pesky 10 (or 20 pounds) then you have to be willing to give up your “normal” life. Now.  Today.  You have to be willing to do things that may seem uncomfortable to you right now.

You have to change your habits.   You have to start eating right and moving more (maybe even sweating a little).

“How long do I have to do this for?” you ask.  For as long as you want the benefits.

I mean, do you still expect a paycheque after you quit your job?

Of course not.

And it’s the same with fitness and weight loss.  The main reason so many of these programs fail you is because they sell you on  “Do this crazy thing for 90 days and you’ll lose 20 pounds.”

And of course, it works…. and then you stop.  And 90 days later you’re back where you started (or worse) and you begin the cycle again.

Stop it.  Stop now.  Do this ONE thing and you’ll get off the fat loss merry-go-round forever:

Losing weight is easy once you decide to make it your lifestyle.

Then there’s no big rush.  Then there’s no massive disappointment because the scale didn’t drop 5 pounds in one week.   When it’s a habit it just becomes something you do.  Like taking a shower in the morning. There’s no debate, there’s no struggle.  You just do it and the benefits just show up.

Fat Doesn’t Care About Excuses

Getting lean and healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself or giving up all your favourite foods.  It DOES mean eating better and doing the right kind of exercise.

We’ve helped over 2,500 people lose weight and get fit in just 30 minutes a day.  That’s all it takes when you did it right.  Fat doesn’t care about excuses.  As long as you work harder at making excuses than at fitness your fat will stay right where it is and it’ll bring friends.

It all starts with the decision to change your lifestyle and doing things that may seem uncomfortable right now, but won’t in just a few weeks.  You weren’t born wanting a Timmies and a donut for breakfast.  It’s a habit you picked up along the way – and it’s a habit you can change.

It’s a habit I had to change on my road to losing 70-plus pounds.  At one time I could never imagine NOT stopping for a double-double and a muffin on my way to work.  Now I can’t imagine EVER doing it!   How did I do this?  Simple.  I had a healthy breakfast at home and drove past the donut shop.   Was it easy?  NO!!  But it got easier.  Now, I don’t miss it.

But it all started with my decision to make a change and be uncomfortable.  Around the same time I discovered the right way to exercise and over the next 14 months I created my Power-Cardio 30 fitness system that only takes 30 minutes a day, has TON of variety and gets amazing results.

Now I’m on a mission to help everyone I can get off those soul-sucking, hour-long, boring, repetitive (and ineffective) workouts.  And this mission includes helping YOU!

Take that first, shaky uncomfortable step and call me at (519) 979-3238 and I’ll help you create your fit-for-life habit and get you the body of your dreams.  Stop feeling tired and lousy – call me now.