Motivating Yourself With Sex and Chocolate?



Kids, work, friends, (even your spouse)
all drain your energy leaving nothing left for YOU.

Staying motivated for fitness with your crazy, busy life
can seem impossible.

Get the lean, sexy body you deserve with these Motivation Tips:


1. Find Your REAL Why

Ask yourself:  “Why do I want to get fit.”

This will get you a surface-level answer like:  “To lose weight.”

To find your REAL motivation ask yourself “Why is THAT important to me?”

“So I can feel confident and rock my sexy jeans!”  <=NOW you’re speaking my language


2. Remind Yourself Of Your WHY

EVERY     SINGLE     DAY    (’nuff said)

especially when the going gets tough.


3. Take Baby Steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day (and neither was your belly).

Break your goals down into smaller steps for quick wins.
Like bringing coffee from home rather than Starbucks or Timmies.

The scientists say it’s a dopamine thing.  You feel good about
your successes and want to do it again and again.

I don’t know much about dopamine other than you release a lot
of it during and after sex >>> or eating chocolate.

(Hmm, I wonder what would happen if you ate chocolate during sex?)

But I digress…


4. Celebrate Your Little Victories

Don’t forget to reward yourself with a little something when
you hit one of your goals (No, not food).

Don’t wait until you lose 10 or 20 pounds. Treat yourself with something small
when you go your 1st week without Starbucks or a soda pop.

Like a massage or facial.

The bigger your achievement, the bigger your reward.


5. Get A Work Out Buddy

Find a friend to work out with you.

Use deceit and blackmail if you have to (Hey, it’s for their own good, right?)

When you rely on someone and they rely on you,
you’ll stay on track easier and longer.

With the right workout buddy you may even get to release
some extra dopamine => if you’re lucky (hoo ah!)

That’s all for today.


Rob “Sex and Chocolate”  Santarossa