My Journey Back – Day 1

It was April 12, 2010 and I was racing down the ice at full speed (for me) when I tried to make a fancy move (my first mistake) in a crowded area (my second mistake) and I fell with my full body weight onto my outstretched left arm.

I felt the arm pop out of the shoulder socket and then slip back in.  It actually didn’t hurt too much.  In fact I played in the championship game later that afternoon (we won).  However, the next morning was another story…

I woke up at 5am with a start. I had rolled onto my left side and WOW did it hurt.  Naturally I rolled back onto my right side and went back to sleep 🙂

I figured it would slowly get better.  It didn’t.  Finally I relented and went to see my chiropractor.  She determined that I hadn’t torn any cartilage and I didn’t need surgery.  More than 3 months after the original injury she went to work.  I want to give a big shout out to Stefanie Medoro of Complete Chiropractic for the great job she did of healing my shoulder – Thanks again Stefanie!

Needless to say I couldn’t work out… but I could still eat.  In fact, I had more time to eat.  I took my focus completely off my health and fitness and focused on my shoulder and other things.  For months I was afraid to even walk by my electronic scale in case it read my vibes and flashed that HUGE number on it’s screen.  But still, it taunted me.  “C’mon Rob let’s see how you’re doing” , “How bad can it be?”  “I won’t break, I promise.”

Finally I took the plunge and as lightly as I could I stepped onto the scale and watched the numbers flash.  I stepped off the scale, slid it to another part of the tile floor that looked like it might give me a more favourable reading and stepped on gently again hoping the scale will be nice to me – it wasn’t.  The numbers read the same – 244 lbs – or 39lbs of pure lard more than when I fell on that fateful day in April.  Ouch!

But my shoulder was hurt, I’ve been busy with my business, kids’ activities on and on and on.  Excuses. Every one of them, excuses.  This summer I finally started working out again seriously and my shoulder feels great!  I completed my 105lb Turkish Get-up (left and right), I could almost press my to my peak weight and I was swinging my 85lb ‘bell again.  20lbs dropped off me over the next 6 weeks – and then it just stopped.

So I thought, why not recruit my clients to help me on my journey?  Maybe a few of them can come along to.  Well, here I (we) go.  Today is Day 1.  Please post your comments below


  1. Linda Godin says

    Hey Rob,

    Let’s see how good your doing. Please join us one night at the 5:15 class in LaSalle.

  2. No amount of physical exercise will get you that dream body..unless you eat in a functional manner. You are what you eat and 85% of what a person looks like is what they eat so, in saying that …yes I believe Rob met his goal weight by paying very close attention to his diet, along with a commmitted state of mind to a regular weight lifting routine. Way to go!! I know what it takes to get your body back and how hard it is to do so. Keep positive and inspire others!!!!:)

  3. I can relate to your frustration. I recently injured my right arm, and I can no longer do workouts that require the use of the forearm–which is practically everything! I am finding it difficult to come up with exercises for chest, back, biceps, triceps, that don’t aggrivate my injury and cause me pain.Because of this, I have only been going to the gym once or twice a week.Even though I know that there are other exercises and body parts that I can be working on while at the gym, the limitations that are imposed on me at this time, are interfering with my mental status.I am finding myself drifting away from my healthy eating habits, and I am substituting unhealthy snacks and food. It is like I feel that I need to be comforted in some way, and I am choosing food. I am now aware because of the dreaded scale, and after reading your comments, I need to correct this behaviour before it gets out of hand. So today I decided to start a new program of exercise, and I actually booked some appointments, so that I am committed to attend. Hope that this works to get me motivated again. Thanks for your support, and keep up the good work, and you WILL get back to your target goal. Diane

  4. Thanks Diane,

    You’re absolutely right. As time passed and I wasn’t working out little by little all my other healthy habits started to go by the wayside. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Heather Thorne says

    Hi Rob
    I’ve had similar results with drastically changing my eating habits. After tipping 176 on the scale and working out regularly I decided this needed to be done. In the last year I have lost 40 pounds and am now back to my ideal high school weight. It’s amazing what healthy choices and portions have had! I definitely cheat on weekends but getting back to oatmeal and good choices gave kept me on track..hope this helps..regular exercise is key but diet is almost everything. Btw I’ve dropped from a generous size 12 one year ago to size 5 and feel great!
    Heather Thorne

  6. Heather, thanks for the encouragement and for confirming what I always say is the ONLY real-world way to lose weight and keep it off – eating right (NOT dieting) and a good exercise program.
    Pills, supplements, herbs, powders or gadgets will not do it for the long term (if they work at all).
    And I bet this body transformation was one of your most rewarding accomplishments both physically and spiritually.
    Congratulations and keep up the good work (and encouraging others)!

  7. Hey Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. Your class may be the first one I jump in on.