New Kettlebell Move

That’s right, Monday morning we’ll all start using this new move… so limber up and get ready… especially for the second move (watch to the end) – OMG!

I shouldn’t expect any more complaints about Turkish Get-ups, eh?


  1. Sam Mossman says:

    that’s a joke, right?

  2. That’s how I meant it. BUT, if you willing to give it a try…

    • Ummmm Rob??? If you want me to try and demonstate this I reeeealllyyy need a raise!!! LOL!!!!

      • Elly Funkenhauser says:

        Finally a move that won’t bother my plantar’s fascitis. Watch out punch gym, my foot is doing much better and I just may have to come back.

      • U got to be kidding I don’t think my body is even able to do that lol OUCH!!!!!!!
        Those Turkish Get-Ups aren’t looking so bad now lol

  3. Paul Slavik says:

    No Problem, just remind me to break my legs before I get there.

  4. Jenny Jenner says:

    I only wish I could sit like that, forget about the kettle bell!! lol

  5. Deanna Scott says:

    LOL….. oh ya…. cannot wait to try both those moves…. hehehe,,, good one Rob….

  6. Linda Godin says:

    I love trying new things but not sure about that one LOL

  7. I do these every morning! Doesn’t everybody?

  8. All I can say is Hahahahahahahahahaha

  9. OMG – koodos to the young lady who is able to do those moves..but geezus, my whole body clammed up watching

  10. Ok, bring em on!!!!

  11. Tiziana Sofikitis says:

    I DEFINITELY want a RAISE Rob!!!!!!!!!! That’s a whole different ball game, talk about freaky friday LOL you weren’t kidding!!

  12. Adelina DeBlasis says:

    yeah yeah ummm thats the ticket…Yupp, I so can do that! Rob- your up 1st, I’ll go right after you <3 lol

  13. Wait a minute. Since when does the teacher have to take the test? And I was even going to call this new move the “Adelina”. Oh well, I guess that’s out the window. 😉

  14. Carolyn B says:


    This is awesome!

    Give me a job there and I will show you guys all how it’s done. ahahahhhaha