New Name, New Attitude…

This series of blog posts took me a long time to write and even a longer time to get started.


Because it deals with some things I’ve kept stored away, hidden from you… my clients, my friends.

A few months ago my mom passed away and it really got me thinking about life. She was a beautiful, vibrant woman who, through no fault of her own, was struck down literally in the prime of her life by multiple sclerosis.

MS is a horrible, insidious disease that slowly takes away your independence… and then your life.

The one thing I remember most about my mom was that she LOVED to dance, but she lost that ability early on and by the end she was nothing more than a shell of the fun-loving woman she once was.

I truly feel she would’ve given up the last ten years of her life just to have been able to dance for one more year… or even one more month.

This got me thinking about all the things I’ve been holding back on, things I want to do NOW but keep waiting on for things to be “just right”, or delaying because I’m worried about embarrassing myself, or they might not work out right.

Lying in her bed, I’ll bet my mom wished she would’ve danced more while she still had the chance.

Well, I want to dance – in my own way.

I’ve kept my weight loss story, my constant battle with my weight and my mom’s horrible disease almost completely hidden from you.

But no more.  I want to get these stories out so you can understand exactly why I do what I do.   Why health and fitness is a huge part of my life.  Why I left accounting so I could help others.  Why my signature line says:  LiveLife!


My mission is to help as many people as I can “Reach Their Peak” and live their greatest life possible through my coaching and kettlebell fitness programs.


I want to go back to the beginning and re-create my programs and build a community the way I REALLY wanted it to happen.  I never, ever liked the name Punch Gym (you can ask my wife) but someone convinced me to use it anyway.  But now I’m going to change all that.

You see, I feel you and I are truly different than everyone else:

  • We’re a small group of like-minded people who enjoy short, intense workouts with kettlebells (and other crazy things).
  • We have our “secret code” that no one else understands (like TGUs, superburpees, tabatas and ropes).
  • We push ourselves to our very limit, feeling our bodies working hard and enjoying a good sweat.
  • We love working out with, and being supported by other members, while they support and encourage us.
  • We truly are a special community – not a gym, but a Club.

Starting today we are now…            IronCore Logo


I feel this new name better reflects what we’re about.  We swing iron, we have a strong core and we’re a small close-knit community of people who exhibit the traits I mentioned above.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m truly passionate about fitness, weight loss and proper nutrition.  I lost over 70 pounds and I know how much it’s changed my life.  By now I’ve seen enough success stories of what losing weight and getting fit has done for others that I’ve found my purpose in life:


My mission is to help as many people as I can “Reach Their Peak” and live their greatest life possible through my coaching and kettlebell fitness programs.


Please send me your feedback, ideas and suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

Next Up:  My weight loss story, my continuing battle and how I can can help you win yours.

Rob Santarossa

Owner, IronCore Kettlebell Club
(formerly Punch Gym)
(519) 979-3238

Amazon #2 Best-Selling Co-Author Of  “Champions:  Knockout Strategies for Health, Wealth and Success”

PS:  New website, new shirts, new business cards, etc. will all be changed over a little at a time.
I’m hoping by the new year we’ll be completely changed over.

PPS:  Get ready for new workouts, programs, contests, challenges, audios and videos.