Our Difference

Rob Santarossa Owner/Trainer

Does the though of exercise bore you (scare you) to death?  Do you go to the gym on a regular basis but still can’t get the results you so desperately want?

Perfekt Circuit isn’t your normal ho hum fitness routine.  It’s a fast-paced, engaging workout that only takes 30 minutes… but oh the results!  I’m so confident in my program that I give you an outrageous Triple Guarantee that no one else dares to match.

Just to be clear I operate exactly the opposite from the typical “big box” gyms.  Their best customer joins for a year shows up a few times and then never comes back. On the other hand I teach you and coach you through everything you do, and provide an ultra-motivated group of 12-15 friends to work out with.  The only way I succeed is by getting you into the best shape of your life so that you bring your jealous friends back with you.

Here’s what you get from me (that you won’t get anywhere else):

– Individual attention

– Short, fun and amazingly effective workouts

– Exposure to new ideas and concepts

– Real world nutritional coaching (NOT dieting)

– Motivation and accountability

– Unlimited e-mail support

– A Triple Guarantee

You get the benefit of individual attention and expert coaching to ensure you perform the movements  correctly, safely and as effectively as possible.  You won’t get hurt or waste your time.

Every workout is instantly scalable to your individual fitness level.  That’s right,  you and your spouse or teen can do the same workout together.  In this crazy world of “social media” where families interact more by e-mail and texting than in person finding a positive interest that you can experience as a family is becoming more and more important.  This is it.

You won’t find any shiny machines or plasma TV’s here.  The way I see it if you can watch TV while you’re working out then you’re just wasting your time.  I don’t subscribe to the “target heart rate” light cardio theory of fitness.  I wish it worked like that because it’s a lot easier than what I do.

Think about your last big achievement.  Did it come easy?  Would it have been as satisfying if it did?  Of course not.  In the real world, real results only come from real work. 

But fitness doesn’t have to be boring…  that’s where I come in.

Every day is a complete, full-body sweat-soaked workout that’s so engaging it’s “addictive”.  In a surprisingly short time you’ll feel better, you’ll move better and you’ll look better.

Please don’t believe me, check out the Success Stories on this website.  My clients say it a lot better than I do.  I challenge you to check out my competitor’s websites for their success stories and their guarantees.  Then complete the form below for a FREE No Obligation consult and let me show you a whole new world of fitness…

TRIPLE GUARANTEE – I dare any of my competitors to match my TRIPLE GUARANTEE!

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