Reasons NEVER to drink diet soda pop

I think by now most people know that drinking sugary soft drinks can make it very difficult for you to lose weight.  These include not just soda, but sweetened iced tea, lemonade, smartwater and even those famous sports drinks that only paid endorsers say you need for performance.

I have a funny feeling that Michael Phelps would set Olympic records even without G***ade… but I’ll save that article for another day.

“I know soda is bad for me so I switched to diet to help me lose weight.”   I hear all the time.

I understand why diet soda is very attractive to dieters.  I mean zero calories and no sugar, you’d think this would be a smart move, right?

Wrong.  (How does that saying go?  If it seems to good to be true…)

Diet soda has now been linked to numerous health conditions including headaches, nausea, insulin resistance and, of course, obesity.

Studies have shown that drinking diet soda even as little as twice per day may cause weight gain which eventually leads to being overweight or even obese.

By now you’re probably thinking “But why?  It has no calories.”

True.  Diet soda has no calories, but the artificial sweeteners found in these products have been linked to an INCREASE in cravings for sugar the rest of the time.  This causes you to eat high calorie, unhealthy snacks the rest of the time.

Don’t really believe it?  Read on…

One study performed by researchers Nettleton, Lutsey, Wang, Lima, Michos and Jacobs showed that drinking diet soft drinks daily was associated with a 36 percent higher risk for developing metabolic syndrome and a 67 percent higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Since the sugar causing these conditions didn’t come from the diet soda, it must have come from somewhere else.  The bottom line is, if you want to lose weight you must get away from eating sweets (even artificial sweets) as part of your daily eating/drinking.

This doesn’t mean can’t EVER have sweets ( I love sweets myself).  It means they can’t be part of your daily eating (and drinking).   If you’re a diet soda drinker take a look at the rest of your eating for the day.  I’ll bet it includes things like alcohol, flavoured yogurt, granola bars and commercial muffins.  ALL these contain sugar in one form or another.

What Should I Drink Instead?

When you’re trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle the best choices are water, green tea or black coffee.  If you find water too bland you can add real lemon, lime, orange or a light dash of flavouring.

Not only do these drinks keep you better hydrated (making you feel better) you’ll boost your metabolism and fat burning and you’ll naturally eat less calories each day which helps with weight loss.