“The instructors are awesome!”

The reason I decided to try your boot camp was I have found that I didn’t make time to attend my regular gym, but I thought that your boot camp might be what I have been looking for. I have found that the 1/2 hour intense workout has been more beneficial to me than an hour at the regular gym, waiting to use equipment, and doing the same old movements. Using the kettle bell, has been a new and exciting workout for me. I have been feeling the results, so I know that it is working. I find it challenging which makes it fun and keeps me coming back for more. I really enjoy the circuit training, it gives you a full body workout, and it pushes you to your limit. The instructors are awesome, they motivate you when you think you just can’t do anymore. I have be talking to many people about my experience and I hope that they decide to give it a try.”

~ Norma Williams