Top 5 Fitness Articles of the Week – February 21, 2015

5 Top Articles


Each week I scour the interwebs as best I can, but if you see a good article please send it to me so I can share it with our IronCore Family.


Fitness is a Skill Not a Talent. Here’s How to Develop it – Lifehacker

Discover the 5 skills of fitness and use them to achieve your ultimate success.


Why “Eat Less, Move More” is the Least Helpful Diet Advice Ever – Vitals

Discover the “Positive Feedback Loop” that makes motivation a no-brainer.


Conserve Your Willpower: It Runs Out  – Wired

Your willpower is like a tank of gas.  You have a limited amount to use each day.  Here are 18 ways to conserve it for when you really need it.


15 “Health Foods” That are Really Junk Food in Disguise – Authority Nutrition

#3 is HUGE if you have young children.  Numbers 7, 8, 12, 14 and 15 are special pet peeves of mine.  Stop kidding yourself with these.


Exercise vs Diet: Which is more Important for Weight Loss  – Vitals

I love this quote:  “Sure, weight is lost in the kitchen,” says Dr. Freedhoff. “But health is gained in the gyms.”    In other words just because you’re not overweight, it doesn’t mean you’re healthy.




Rob FinalRob Santarossa was a “severely obese” accountant who after failing at fat loss for almost 30 years created Power-Cardio 30, an amazingly effective (and fun) 30 minute workout system, and lost over 70 pounds without dieting.   He became a best-selling author and was named one of America’s Premier Experts.   Rob founded IronCore Kettlebell Club and has dedicated himself to helping people change their body while living their best life.