Top 5 Fitness Articles of the Week – May 16, 2015

5 Top Articles


Each week I scour the interwebs as best I can, but if you see a good article please send it to me so I can share it with our IronCore Family.


5 Reasons You’re Not Hitting Your Weight Goal – MyFitnessPal

How many of these mistakes are you making?


Switch Off Your TV: The Truth on Fat Loss – Breaking Muscle

This “lost art” is making it harder for you to reach your goals.


Stroke, Heart Attack and Death Risk may be Predicted by Grip Strength  – Medical News Today

“Every 5 kg reduction in grip strength increases death risk by up to 17%.”   Remember this next time we do Triple Crush or when I hand you a kettlebell with a thick handle – I could be saving your life.


 21 Reasons to Eat Less Sugar that have Nothing to do with Losing Weight – Greatist

Reasons #8 and #9 may surprise you.


5 Weightloss Mind Traps to Avoid  – IronCore Kettlebell Club

In case you missed it, this article will help you win the battle between your ears.


Rob FinalRob Santarossa was a “severely obese” accountant who after failing at fat loss for almost 30 years created Power-Cardio 30, an amazingly effective (and fun) 30 minute workout system, and lost over 70 pounds without dieting.   He became a best-selling author and was named one of America’s Premier Experts.   Rob founded IronCore Kettlebell Club and has dedicated himself to helping people change their body while living their best life.