VitaminWater just another lie that makes you fat

Recently an article appeared in the Windsor Star about a product called “Vitaminwater.”  Needless to say the name of the product rings “healthy.”   Vitamins + water = healthy? Right?  Wrong.  In case you didn’t know the ingredients in food must be listed in order of the quantity contained in the product.  With Vitaminwater, according to the article, the number one ingredient it contains is water.  No surprises here.  The number 2 ingredient?  Sugar.  In fact, each bottle contains the equivalent of about 8 teaspoons of sugar… and they call this stuff “Water”!

But it gets better.  Even if you’re an educated consumer and read the food label you’ll be in for a surprise.  The government (who we pay to protect us from scams like these) has allowed Coca-Cola to classify this product as a “natural health product” instead of a “food product”.  While this doesn’t sound like a big deal it is if you want to sell Vitaminwater.  What this means is Coca-Cola doesn’t have to list the amount of sugar it contains on the nutrition label!

So if you’ve been chugging away vitaminwater instead of soda thinking you’re doing your body good – think again.  This is NOT an isolated incident.  Big Food like General Mills, Coca-Cola, Kraft and Pepsi aren’t looking out for your best interest when they create new “healthier” foods.  They only care about selling product.  And it’s become blatantly obvious you can’t depend on the government to protect you from these profiteers.  You must protect yourself.

My next post is going to be on these new “shape up” shoes I’ve been seeing everywhere.