What was your “trigger”?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re going through the motions living your busy life. You’re thinking you’d like to lose some weight (or know you should) but you don’t feel any real need to start right now… then IT happens.

Your “trigger”.

That one word, phrase or event that makes you realize “I gotta lose weight starting now!”

For me it actually happened in grade school.  It was track and field day and I’d just come in last in the 100 metre dash.  So being a naive kid I approached the winner and asked him “Wow, how do you run so fast?”

He didn’t even hesitate when he shot back “You’d run fast too if you lost 50 pounds.”Fat_and_skinny_guy_shaded

I was stunned.  I was ashamed.  I felt like crying (I think I did).

I always knew I was heavier than my classmates and yes, I’d heard the taunts “pasta boy” and “fatso”, but I always shrugged them off.

But for some reason this was different.  It felt different.

Maybe because I was “older” and had started to notice girls.

Maybe it was because I’d never thought about how my weight affected my athletic performance.

Like I said I was stunned and ashamed… at first.

Then I got angry.  Really angry.

I swore to myself that this would be the last time I was going to be ashamed of my body.  The last time someone would call me “fatso” or “husky”.   It was all going to change.

I was going to lose weight or die trying… and my weight loss mission began.

That was MY trigger.


A client once told me her “trigger” happened when she was out with her girlfriends one night.   She was the designated  driver and after a night of partying they ended up at Taco Bell (right, like you never have).  They got their food and sat down and her girlfriends immediately went to the  washroom together leaving her sitting there alone with all that food in front of her.

A group of guys at another table got up to leave and made a comment about how all that food was hers.  Which may have been funny if she wasn’t so very overweight.

That was her trigger to finally get up off her “butt” and lose weight.


Yet another client told me her “trigger” was when her youngster was old enough to start poking the “mommy roll” that she’s been carrying around her waist since she had her baby.   She’d never been overweight and having her youngster remind her of it – especially in front of family and friends got her moving.


I’d love to hear YOUR trigger story.    E-mail me or post a comment below.