Why would you give this to your kids? [Stop it NOW]

You don’t let them drink soda pop.

You don’t let them drink Kool-aid.

But you let them drink THIS… and why wouldn’t you?

It’s natural (sort of).  It has no added sugar.  It has lots of vitamins.  It’s convenient and it comes in a cool-looking box.

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s fruit juice.

Orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, etc. and the kids LOVE it!   Of course they do – each 8 oz. glass has 25 grams of sugar – and most glasses are twice that size, so 50 grams of sugar – YUM.

But what about all the vitamins and minerals they get?

Yeah, it’s totally worth drinking 25 grams (or more) of sugar to get some vitamin C  (sarcasm added).  Do you know what has a whole day’s worth of vitamin C and a ton of other vitamins, minerals and fibre, is all-natural, unprocessed with no preservatives and comes in a neat little container?

An orange.

That’s right,  the fibre in the orange slows down the digestion of the natural sugars so you don’t get a sugar buzz and you actually feel fuller after eating an orange than drinking a glass of orange juice, so you naturally eat less later on.

Do your kids (and yourself) a big favour – stop giving them fruit juice.

Another great option is water, plain or flavoured.   The best ways to flavour water is with some green tea or by squeezing in some lemon or lime (or even an orange slice).

Use artificial flavouring like Crystal Lite, etc. only if you must.

Your body will thank you for it in many ways.

If you have any other ideas on “tricks” to get your daily intake of water, post them below.  I’d love to hear them.